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  1. don't know if this is too late but you need to hex edit the skin files to allow for more geosets. Basically leave the geoset as the same name as say the upper body in blender but put 001 or something after it then try and convert. After that put it in 010 editor and edit the skin files to change the value of the geoset to a new geoset id. If you need help message me
  2. Hey Luke, Welcome Back! Nice to see you are at it again.
  3. nvm it is. I bought it, and this is literally the best tool for m2 creation to date(at least until skarns tool is out). Highly suggest getting it. Someone up this guys rank, should not be just considered a newbie.
  4. what dbc editing have you done sofar?
  5. just one more question how do I make geoset materials two sided?
  6. I just realized the transparency values in each field are 0 crap double post I think I might be able to fix this. I think its a material issue Im having actually.
  7. sorry for not giving much info I just didn't know what info to give I will check those things and update post with what I find out. [edit]So I checked 010 and there was a quite a few warnings. Also I forget where I saw it but zim4k a while back did a tutorial on how to fix offsets and cameras I can't find it tho. nTransparency in the 010 editor is 38 I am unsure if that is the transparency I need to change though. also I don't know weather this is worth noting but when I convert the model from mdx to m2 it only gives one skin file instead of three. I checked the skin file aswell and the template ran with no warnings or errors I don't really know how to match up the flags properly so if you could let me know how to fix the skin issues or look for them that would be awesome ;). I do have the model bound to bones so I know that isn't the issue there are only two bones the base bone and the second is a child of the base bone which again controls the whole model.
  8. No its a new model from scratch built in blender then put in 3ds max and exported to mdx which I am now converting to m2 with mdxtom2 lazy. and I am replacing the human male model to test it.So I'm unsure why its just not showing anything when I create a human I'm thinking it may be a scaling issue but not sure.
  9. Hello all, I have a problem with my m2 I am working on. I can't see it in game, all I see is a shadow. I am using mdx to m2 lazy I have done this before no problem but for some reason it is giving me trouble now. I think it is possibly a texture issue but I'm unsure. any ideas?
  10. hello I am a prof web developer I have been for years if you need help just add me on skype user =
  11. yeah I was thinking about moving the shoulders, and most the items are new geosets except the chest