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  1. Hey guys I have a custom bloodelf model. the model contains new geosets. Some of these geosets I want to hide others like hands / feet and chest. Is there a way to do this with hex editing the model / skin files?
  2. ok so I am looking at those fields and I am just confused on what I should pout in the fields to hide hands and chest because I look at other entries and they have numbers like 265,249 and 305. I have no idea where those numbers come from.
  3. sorry I forgot to mention I am editing this for legion. Not sure if it is still possible with db2 editing, but yeah
  4. So I recently got into modding 7.1.0 on a wow private server, I did a lot of work, and it all works, no issues sofar. my problem is when I try to do the same type of process with 7.2.0 on a personal private server, my client does not read the changes... I am wondering if maybe the private server has that I was playing on (the 7.1.0) has a custom client that is allowing for the patches. and if so is there a way I can do something similar with 7.2.0. I know that for 3.3.5 you need to remove a signature check or the client crashes.
  5. is there a way to manually do it with 010 editor?
  6. thanx guys Ill give it my best shot do you guys happen to have the m2i import export scripts for blender for this m2mod 4.8? nevermind found them
  7. ok so I am working on a model that has some custom geosets. I would like to assign these geosets and get the geoset id so I can assign it in game. Note: this is for 7x. Im trying to port down a model to wod port it back up with 010 editor. Not sure if Im going about this all wrong, I thought I might have to get the model down to 3.3.5a so I can use pymodel editor but then I figured by the time I get it back to legion the model would be broken x) anyways if anyone knows how to get geoset ids or assign them in 010 editor please let me know
  8. Hey guys sorry for vanishing. but my friend was murdered by his girlfriend. Needless to say I took my leave for a while. He was also one of my team members. I will be getting back to work on my projects soon. Just wanted to update you guys on whats going on. I was considering quitting modding but I figured if theres anything I can do to honor his work is to keep going with the project. sorry again . and sorry if this is considered causing drama. I just didn't know what else to say besides what happend really.
  9. So I thought seeing as I got most the problems with conversion worked out for now... I would turn this thread into a showoff for now on how the progress is going on the model
  10. I was able to fix it. it was a problem with me attaching the original default bone to verticies directly
  11. I am trying to rig the model in mdlvis and Im trying to make a wow based skeleton I already knew the bone structure. It just isn't accepting it. I get to the 4th bone and it doesn't matter how it is attached it does not convert nomatter what. I know its super confusing but its not working. I am converting with mdxtom2lazy but it won't convert this is what Im doing sofar. this is all done in mdlvis. I create a new bone and make the parent the default bone. I attach all verticies to the default bonne I reattach all verticies to second bone then I create a third bone and attach it to the second bone then reattach different verts to that bone. then I create a 4rth bone this is where it becomes a problem. I have tried attaching that bone to the second bone or the third , attach verticies, and it stops the conversion everytime. Vel can I send you my model in a pm and you can possibly tell me what Im doing wrong?
  12. thanx vel btw do you know why when I try to rig my model when I get to the 4th bone it crashes the conversion nomatter what I do .
  13. Figured it out This is solved it was my display drivers needing an update. so sorry my bad haha
  14. it displays differently when I turn it if you look at the chin its missing a piece but if I turn it it looks fine in that part it does the same for every part of the body.
  15. I actually have it uv mapped in the format you mentioned. The ivy you see on the body is a different mesh Also I already did the geosets I just don't understand why the normals are flipping out? It only does it in mdlvis can you possibly tell me? I did read your post but I think I missed it if you already typed it.
  16. that would be pretty cool. I used maya before but never converted a model that was animated to m2 if that is what you meen
  17. hey vel I have been working on animation and modeling in mdlvis... if any help is needed let me know
  18. What amaroth said is pretty much exactly what I use. I just have a script to make life easier. which I do not have permission to share, so I am respecting that
  19. this is a video of me messing around with a spell script I had made by a friend.
  20. I am looking to recruit for my project and get it up and going again. Where should I post said recruitment topic?