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  1. Hi, sorry, but to be honest, no plans for that atm
  2. Version 1.0.0


    About There are 2-3 similar patches but I couldn't use them as they have some bugs like green textures, missing races or holes instead of ears/attachments etc. So that was the goal for this project. The patch isn't ideal. NPCs use old character models and they have no helmets (because of HelmetGeosetVisData limit). But don't worry. All players are with helmets. How to install 1. Put SoundCache-patch-15595.mpq to Data/Cache 2. Rename wow.exe from archive and put it in wow folder. If you run your usual wow.exe it will delete edited patch.
  3. Update soon: -Paladin spells -One little commitment to rogue -Leviathaan's druid models will be included
  4. Right now I have only 2 new things in spells. 1. I merged it with rogue wings patch. 2. All warlock fire spells (including new) are fel-themed now + fel recolour of new warlock mounts models (I mean Finsternis' models). I don't know if it's a big deal for update.
  5. Yeah, that's really possible and I will make it work with it as this is one of the MUST HAVE patches.
  6. Not wow server. We're working on learning system. But basically all WEB/Client-Server technologies work the same way.
  7. I can't teach you, as I don't think I know much. But what did I do (in my way/in my opinion): (in order) 1. Understanding Spell*.dbc tables structure. Or just prepare wiki pages to look at it before step 2. 2. Playing with something where you can skip some steps (yeah, CREATING content) and do the funniest part. I mean, obviously, playing with ready patches. I saw there is a big spell port by Desed in forum. You'll find it's in russian too. But if you just try, you'll understand that it's actually easy to make it work in other locale. As there actually just a couple of columns with text are different from en-us, etc. offtopic: About the apocalyps at my workplace... Guys, please, don't hate private servers' owners/developers for failures at opening (highloads on servers, ddos). I literally didn't sleep.. like.. well for 5 nights. We made a ducking google-like (of course, not) infrastucture with multiple web and database balancers and several nodes, while listening so much hate for the things we share for free... (online learning system).
  8. Hi. I’ll probably suggest you not to use this patch for any custom work, as the author personally thinks it’s not the best way it could be done. If you know how to work with spells, you will find it easier to convert spells by yourself, than understanding the “unique” ways presented in this patch
  9. Sorry guys. I’ll be busy for a week or less. Keep waiting, I’ll make an update. One learning system we did at my job reached50k visitors AT THE SAME TIME and died. We are scaling our servers and testing madly fast
  10. Combat log at the moments of freezing will actually give me a list of spells that I'll check to find the bugged spells. Server logs are uselesss as the patch is only client side.
  11. No. This bug is just 1 of * trash lines (changes in dbc caused by errors in author’s soft for dbc editing).
  12. Druid patch breaks this animation. The error is in SpellVisualKit. Again, a trash line. Changing 167th line is meaningless in druid patch. Patch updated.