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    Hi, This is my first upload so bare with me! I made a custom Alliance style tank, inspired by the OG dwarven tank. It is made up from various assets from Warlords of Dreanor and Battle for azeroth. Nearly all used textures are either modified or crafted from scratch (mostly just modified though). All you need to do is download 'patch-J' and throw it into your Data folder (inside the world of warcraft 3.3.5a/Data). I want to give a special thankyou to loremaster, for explaining me how to convert my obj file to WMO and putting it into a patch Have fun and make sure to post pictures of the projects you use this asset for!
  2. kekie

    release Noggit Qt

    nope, youre right X D I was running on 3.0.22 instead of 3.1021 thx
  3. kekie

    release Noggit Qt

    hm acctually it seems my m2 are starting to disapear aswell... I'm starting to think this isn't supposed to work this way... does anyone else have these problems?
  4. kekie

    release Noggit Qt

    ehm, is one of the new features of noggit, that it has a limit of wmos per adt? because it seems that when i place wmos and then save the world, noggit despawns a random other wmo. and if i were to place 2 new wmos, noggit despawns 2 other random wmos... Not sure if its a bug... might just be me nover noticing things dissapering X D
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    release Noggit Qt

    that would be epic
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    release Noggit Qt

    This is awesome! Great work Btw, will the feature of smaller water squares and diffrent heights within one adt ever be added? or has it already been added, but am i to stupid to have seen the commands for this.. Anyway, thx
  7. Not sure if its a thing already... But perhaps a program that gives the path of an WMO/M2 file, like the log of Modelviewer shows when it loads an item? It takes a long time to get all those items inported to noggit by hand... (sorry if you dont understand a thing of what im saying, im not that good with the profession therms) -kekie
  8. does it contain a bookmarks list for the use of the items in noggit aswell? (just asking, as for the last patch i downloaded i made one mself and after that i found a list of the items inside the last file i did not look in) X D Btw, ive taken a look at it and it is aweome! This is what ive been searching for for a very...very...very long time! (practically its the word from mop converted to wotlk)
  9. Oh my, Thank you so much. everything works now also, im not sure whether it was in this patch, but i found some pretty cool gilneas stuffs in there aswell... so thanks :D!!!! I compiled all the info i could find in the mpq into a bookmark thingi for anyone who is interested: Bookmarks mmk.II.txt
  10. ehm, im not sure if this was ment to be used with noggit, but when i tried to open it with the MPQ editor, (to look up the paths of the wmo's/M2s), it said: translation: Failed to open the MPQ ''E:\Downloads\noggit\Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a\Data\patch-10.MPQ''. Trying to load a program with a misclassification. im not quite sure what to do about this... does anyone know how to fix this issue? thx