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  1. What made you think for a moment that the 1.15 client im refering is a Blizzard one? It doesent even exist, Classic is on 1.14. I just really wanted to know,( from the guys that do this stuff) how difficult would be to use the Vanilla Wod model addon made for 1.12, but in 1.15 tweaked to exclude the npcs change, this way going around the issue of the bad texturing of npc faces. Is it something that could be changed in some kind of config inside the mods Mpq file?... (in this case someone could tell me how to do it) Or is it more complex like having to reimport the models again, making everything different from the start?... (in this case is out of my league...) Please someone aswers me to this question...:)
  2. This website is dedicated to all kinds of Modding, models from here to there, tweaks, textures... Clients 3.3.5, 1.12 etc... But if i want Wod models specifically in 1.15 client Blizzard will ban my acount?
  3. Ive searched the entire web and couldnt find it, everything is for vanilla 1.12 If i use the 1.12 Mods all player characters are ok but the Npcs have bad face textures. If there isnt any available mod for 1.15, how diffcult would be to tweak the 1.12 mod to exclude the Npcs? I mean, Wod models only for players.