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  1. Same problem if i try to enter Icecrown it crashes.
  2. zoVk

    Adding WMO's / M2's

    Hey there, idk how to import wmos or m2s... saw some tutorials where would be working fine i guess but i never can try them... every tutorial say i need to edit "noggit.conf" - i have noggitQT and there is NO noggit.conf! so idk how to tell the dumb program where the log from my wow modelviewer is... i tried some other noggit versions but its like they ignoring the noggit.conf if they have one... i tried too the latest version from noggit (downloaded from discord) but here too, no noggit.conf..... so how the ... is it possible to import a wmo? Im really frustrated right now -.- Edit: Found out how... before u choose a destination upper left is a text "noggit" click on it, then settings, save the path... im too lang awake i guess oO best regards ~zoVk
  3. yeah sounds right, as i said i try it when i have more time and want to do it, doesnt want to experiment right now with it, just want to learn the basics and stuff for noggit acutally, so i thought there would be an option ^^
  4. yeah okay... i build the island to another spot, and try this any time later, want it quick and fast and not like 20 more steps, but thanks for that. If i have more time i try it
  5. Hmmh im completely new to all that stuff, i only opened noggit, edited the iland in the water used mpq editor to pack it and copied the patch to the data folder... so i thought u mean i should change all the water arround in noggit from ocean to water, what i did, but nothing changed ingame, i still get exhausted. what i need exactly to do? is there no simple setting or something?
  6. Greetings! i acutally played a bit in noggit and tryed some stuff, so i created a iland in the ocean on kalimdor, the only problem i have is that im permanently exhausted if im there is there an option in noggit / wow to disable that? Using trinity core but couldnt find it in the settings would be glad if there is an option to disable that or only disable it for the area i created best regards ~zoVk