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  1. I tried creating a new SkillLine in SkillLine.dbc, then editing SkillLineAbility.dbc to have a spell using it, but I have no new tab in my spellbook. I'm probably not handling it correctly ?
  2. Hi there ! I made some custom spells, now I stuggle trying to avoid them being sorted in the "General" tab of the Spellbook. I would like it to be sorted in a new one, that would be called "Avatars" (or "Avatar" or something related), with its new icon. The same way spells are sorted in spec tabs for classes, like the frost spells of mages are sorted in the "Frost" tab of their spellbook. Except this new tab must be in all classes' spellbook (no race/class restriction) ! I've played with the SkillLine, SkillLineAbility and SkillRaceClassInfo DBCs without success. Can someone help me with this ? Has anyone already put custom spells in a new tab of the spellbook, for every race/class ? I'm working over WotLK 3.3.5 client/server (powered by TC). See attached image. And do not be impressed by my Paint.exe skills.
  3. Hi ! I was wondering how to make something similar : I want my custom spells to be added in a new spec tab (a spec tab that doesn't already exists). The new tab would be something like "Avatars" with a new icon. It would be available for all races/classes, the same way the "General" tab is. How do you manage to add a new tab and make it working for all classes and all races ?