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  1. in case someone else finds this thread - each adaptive mount (e.g. Invincible, Horseman's mount, etc.) are hardcoded in server/scripts/Spells/spell_generic.cpp to make one new adaptive mount you'll need to make 5 new spells in Spell.dbc (each speed + catchall dummy spell), reference their IDs in the aforementioned .cpp, and use spell_gen_mount() where approriate e.g. where Invincible spell handler is created. it's a shame this relationship between various-speed mount spells can't be specified via mysql database.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    BFA Bee Mount, usable as a flying mount. 3.3.5a wotlk retro port.
    Thank you for this pack! I managed to add a custom mount on my private server using Galakras mount model: https://imgur.com/LyV3NNL If you ever decide to add more mounts, I'd be very grateful.