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  1. Hi, I was wondering if in Azerothcore, 3.3.5a was possible to make a custom spell that works in this way: - Passive spell with a proc effect. - On proc, it adds a a single charge of an aura that uses charges (like Inner Fire). My idea was to create the passive that generates charges 1 by 1 that are then used by another spell. At the moment I managed to do something like this: - Passive spell has a triggered effect that applies 1 aura on the character when I cast a custom spell. In order to do that I had to insert an appropriate line in the Spell_Proc_Event table inside of the database. Problem is that if I make the aura similar to Inner Fire, when it is applied to the character it will automatically apply the maximum number of charges. I tried to use the Spell_Proc table instead of the Spell_Proc_Event table since it has a specific column for charges, but for the life of me, it seems I can't get the passive spell to proc that way. Thank you in advance. PS: Alternatively, I tried to use a regular aura without charges, but that stacks up to a maximum number, but I would need to have a spell that removes the stacks one by one which I don't really know how to implement.