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  1. for 3.3.5 you can use a older version of TRP3
  2. Hi, have fun with the map
  3. Its funny how anyone try to rebuild my housing system PS: This was one of the first version of the System. Currently it looks like this:
  4. I'm currently working on a simple ADT Ground Effects Tool
  5. becaust the liquied Ids change in WoD you must take a look in
  6. i not intends to do currently WoD+ i wait for the last legion patch and then i try to convert up
  7. I have a german roleplay server in 6.2.4 with 80+ players and it works really good. I dont need spells or some raids. We have our island and role play on this. I deploy all the patches over my launcher in the WoW folder and the launcher download and setup the client too. It works fine for me and my team
  8. You dont must share anything. But if you only share something to get thanks is not great. I get only 6 "thanks" for my ADTConverter and your "i share nothing" thread has got the half of my "thanks", but this is ok. "thanks" is not so importend
  9. Write the logic in Java i can port it than to c# and add it in the converter
  10. For Modding you dont need modify CASC, place you files in the wow dir and start the modded exe
  11. Java is almost like C# you can try it Converter Source Code Besides, I find it better when we have only one converter with all features^^
  12. I build tools for WoD because i port my server from 3.3.5a to 6.2.4. If i switch from 6.2.4 to Legion in 1 or 2 years i can build tools for this but at the moment i dont need tools for Legion
  13. Legion: Mapping not work Server is unstable Dont have a permanent patch version Dont have interface modding