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  1. In this video I am showing the progress on porting the addon to Blender 2.8. As you can see, everything renders fine and even better than in 2.79. The feature I demonstrate is intended for fast material assigning resolving extra difficulty brought into this process in Blender 2.8 with texfaces (blender internal textures) being gone. P.S.I got back to developing WBS actively in the middle of june. Stay tuned for upcoming updates. No ETA for realease yet.
  2. I am online on Discord every day. Here my mail box is often packed with questions, so I don't even see new messages.
  3. Got it, thanks. Do you think those are generated automatically or I should leave that up to the designers?
  4. Are they referencing different bone sets or the same one, but in a different way?
  5. Is there actually a single .m2 featuring multiple .skin files which do not have identical content? Is there any information available on how to generate those if so?
  6. Who said that? It is not canceled but delayed due to my health condition.
  7. This is pretty outdated. You should check out the recent stream I have done with progress on the addon done in spring-summer.
  8. Writing converters is generally a wrong approach. A direct exporter needs to be made, this way you are safe from rotation issues and similar stuff. I’ve no such issues so far with the direct export / import addon I am working on.
  9. Do you use retroported racial models by chance?
  10. It is possible to do, if you can find the way to alter the position of the head bone in client memory.
  11. There is CASCHost now though. You can fully mod any files and add new ones now.
  12. Colors and transparency are now imported and rendered.
  13. Registration on the website should now be fixed.