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Status Updates posted by Skarn

  1. Registration on the website should now be fixed.

  2. Fixed registration on the website. Sorry for inconvinience.

  3. Need beta testers for WMO Blender plugin. If interested, join Discord: or PM me.

  4. The website has been down today due to hoster's issues. Sorry :(

  5. New WMO Blender import/export plugin version. Check it out!

  6. We now have a video section. You can find it under More tab in the main menu.

  7. Posting is back. I hope that craziness won't happen again.

  8. Back from vacation. Germany was good. So, back to modding.

    1. UltraNic


      I live in germany too hope you had a nice vacation :D

    2. Skarn


      Yeah, I did. Thanks. :)

  9. Project system rework is coming. You, guys, are gonna love it. I need someone to help me with graphics. If someone can give me a hand on making nice cover images for project categories, give me a poke.

    1. Смердокрыл


      What do you mean by "making"? Actually drawing it?

    2. Skarn


      More like Photoshop work with some WMV renders.

    3. Смердокрыл


      Can you give a specific example? Maybe I can help, but I'm not sure

  10. We have given developer status to Kaev, Adspartan and wungasaurus for important work done on Noggit. That's the least we can do now to say thanks to the guys who still work on it and fix it.

  11. Uuughh... Wir haben einen Nazi hier. Woher kommst du? 

    1. Ausswitz


      No, not rly. I don't care about that. I'm juste a typical random person for you, here. Just curious about your work.

    2. Skarn


      Lmao. That was just a little joke about your nickname.

    3. Ausswitz
  12. Installed a structured FAQ system. So, it can now be used not only for Noggit questions.

  13. Anyone good at Mudbox here? If so, throw me a message please.

  14. Sorry for website access problems. We had to do an unplanned maintenance. Now everything is alright.

  15. Update. No more quotes inside a quote which are all inside a quote.

  16. Updated the board a little bit. Now colored nicknames are displayed all over the board, local links automatically turn to page titles and WYSIWYG editor got a new option to add various boxes. 

  17. Check out my new worldmap creation timelapse!

  18. Within the upcoming few weeks I plan to rework the tutorials a little bit and maybe write something new ;) Thanks guys for the feedback I received.

  19. We fixed the problem with user permissions. Now everyone should be able to create a project page.

  20. Guys, check out my Legion models release. I updated the link.


  21. So, got the tutorials back finally ;) Happy modding, everyone.

  22. Call the Krankenwagen.