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  1. Sir Franc's CoA

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    Huge thanks from me and a crowds of guys who requested those files before. CoA was an amazing server and had some cool ideas according to their pics, though I have never had a chance to play there. I hope someone can grab this work and continue working on those edits. It is important that WoW modding legacy does not get lost.

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  2. Good job. Reminds me of Warcraft III teamcolor buildings. Actually brings you a lot more design possiblities in what you can do with those models. I hope people won't create rainbow cities though, if you know what I mean ^_^ By the way, I want to say that if you want to change something in your file, our system allows you to upload a different version. So, there is not really much need in creating an entirely new file entry. I am also very pleased that you used my models :D Keep up the good work.

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  3. I actually like the style of that build. Even though this patch is really old it is still nicely built. It contains only Stromagarde, not all the Chronicles of Azeroth content, sadly. So, I changed the name of the file. I think this patch is actually a really good thing to learn lego building. Thanks for sharing with us. And of course, big thanks to SirFranc for creating it years ago.