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  1. Hey. I am currently offering a few rare and unique modding services in exchange for a fee (PayPal  or direct transfer (Russia only)). 

    1. Minimaps
    I will be able to make good quality minimaps for any custom map you provide. Unlike to publicly available solutions, you will get absolutely seamless pixel perfect images, water / lava and other liquid rendering and WMOs and consistent lighting. Optionally certain WMOs can be hidden and certain M2s can be rendered as well. md5translate.trs is also included.






    (Example of minimap).

    15$ - per map.

    30$ - per map if manual M2/WMO filtering settings are required.

    55$ - lifetime access, unlimited number of minimap renders.


    2. Terrain work

    I can provide rapid terrain generation (Vanilla WoW - TBC style) based on your needs. Fast alpha map export / import services, height map export and import.  Pricing will be discussed individually.


    Please DM on Discord (Skarn#6841) or here.

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  2. I don't think the idea of that mod is overall that great. At least not in this kind of implementation. What does upscaling of textures do in this case? It really sharpens them. Yes, it is very high quality sharpening effect from what I can see. But it does not improve the overall look. The issue with old content looking worse than some new content in WoW is due to lack of details. This AI filter is not able to add new details, it just makes you original overall low detail texture look like it was painted on a higher resolution canvas but with the same level of detail. 

    So it actually makes things look worse than they should be.

  3. 5 hours ago, bcody8780 said:

    Anyone have an answer to this I’m trying to do the same thing thanks 

    The MOHD data chunk of WMO can hold an ID of an AreaTable entry which can have music bound to it via DBC/DB2 depending on version. You can use the WMO Blender addon to set it via UI, or 010 editor to set it in the data without reexporting the model.

  4. Hello. Prophecy RP projects needs more developers to help work on our client-side editing tools and serverside software.

    If you are not familiar with what Prophecy is you can check out our MCNet page ( as well as our Reddit ( 

    We have a talented and friendly team with well-known and experienced people from the WoW modding community both in design, development and lore areas.

    We are currently in serious need of help with some development (programming task) which involve:

    - Client side editing. Creating small tools to aid with client side development e.g. model converter scripts and/or adding features or fixing existing bigger tools like Noggit / WoW Blender Studio (which is developed by me).

    - Serverside. Involves implementing of gameplay systems planned by our system designers, as well as core fixes.

    - CASC Host / TACT.NET development and administation. While our development pipeline still heavily relies on 3.3.5a, the end goal is to run the release version of the project on newer expansions, such as Battle for Azeroth.

    - Interface scripting.

    There are a few developers (programmers) already in the team, so you will not be alone on any task. 

    If you are interested, please contact me here via DM or Discord (Skarn#6841).


    We are also welcoming people to other positions listed on our project page. However, the need for this is not so crucial at the moment.

  5. In this video I am showing the progress on porting the addon to Blender 2.8. As you can see, everything renders fine and even better than in 2.79. The feature I demonstrate is intended for fast material assigning resolving extra difficulty brought into this process in Blender 2.8 with texfaces (blender internal textures) being gone. P.S.I got back to developing WBS actively in the middle of june. Stay tuned for upcoming updates. No ETA for realease yet.

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