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    On 4/24/2021 at 2:45 PM, Thaedrel said:

    Anyway this custom model ends up being shared? It’s amazing!

    Maybe in the future I will release these files. It is not a model here. It is a set of custom and original models lego builded together in Noggit. The archway for the hangar is custom along with the catwalks.

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  2. On 18.12.2017 at 0:50 AM, Supora said:

    So it uses: 
    RGB Blendmap(Combined Alphamaps)
    4 tileset textures and 4 of those textures with alpha (_h ones)
    And I have a control of all I needed: Texture scale, Texture HeightScale and HeightOffset
    If someone knows how to make vec4 in blender pls tell me cause right now I'm using groups of groups of groups of nodes with just floats(even RGB math is done via separating it to R  G and B.

    Message me on Discord, I will help with the code. That looks pretty interesting.

  3. Serania


    I definitely like the overall texture choice here. However. this little town lacks a bit of detail to it. I think you need to add some details like benches, fences, banners, flower pots, maybe a little dirt spots on the ground.

  4. Collisions


    Must be enough, Blizzard use similar things to get this effect, so looks proper. By the way, you could use special materials to be displayed in Noggit and not displayed in game. It is a simple hack because Noggit does not handle all the flags :)

  5. Is the map going to be surrounded by flat raised terrain or it is just temporary?

    If you need (and you probably do) to block the map borders I suggest you going with some proper wow styled mountains that will just blok the path, yet we will look much more appealing from the ground rather than a flat raised terrain.

  6. Is that the Tool I think it is ? Looks good !

    Yeah, I gave it to him for testing. ;) Basically first thing produced by your tool, Koward ;)


    Very interesting. Since you can import your maps from Blender, I guess the process can be done the other way around to import already made mountain shapes.

     Visually speaking, it's still too vanilla-ish.

    You can probably do this shaping in Mudbox or software like that which allows more complicated work with terrain specific brushes. Since we managed to get direct 3D data import from OBJ, no quality will get lost. Now we don't need tools like FractalWoW to port things.

  7. base-bg.png


    Speaking about texture layers... I used to have a version of FractalWoW that was able to work with usual adt template. Also would be nice if you could make a tutorial on how to make those heightmaps and stuff, full process except alphamaps. And, yeah, looks pretty good.

  8. world\generic\human\passive doodads\fog\sfx_fog_nasty_green.m2

    But that at ground was spawned as game object. Some vanilla fog effect if memory serves me well.

    Thanks. Looks truly amazing.