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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is an archive release of a private Noggit version. Most of the features are implemented in Qt Noggit. For UID sync pay attention to uid.kdb file. For using model painter pay attention to ModelGroups.cfg file. Use at your own risk. It may break your map, I am not responsible for the consequences of using this tool.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a version of the well-known FuTa tool by Hanfer that is able to extract and import alpha maps to ADT. In contrast to original version: It is able to batch export all layers from the ADTs. (File menu) It is able to batch import images from a folder with ADT files. Just place them into the folder where you have your ADT file opened, name the images appropriately (e.g. Azeroth_31_32_layer_1.png / Azeroth_31_32_layer_2.png / Azeroth_31_32_layer_3.png) and click on "Template import" in FuTa Red. Sadly, source code is lost to time.
  3. Skarn


    Maybe in the future I will release these files. It is not a model here. It is a set of custom and original models lego builded together in Noggit. The archway for the hangar is custom along with the catwalks.
  4. Skarn

    The Eternal Conflict (2014-2016, abandoned)

    This is a project I used to work on 5 years ago. It was abandoned due to a hard time using old tools that existed at a time. Level design is mostly done by me, models by @Balkronand @Kadzhamit. The zones were WIP and never got finished, posting mainly for archive purposes.
  5. I don't think the idea of that mod is overall that great. At least not in this kind of implementation. What does upscaling of textures do in this case? It really sharpens them. Yes, it is very high quality sharpening effect from what I can see. But it does not improve the overall look. The issue with old content looking worse than some new content in WoW is due to lack of details. This AI filter is not able to add new details, it just makes you original overall low detail texture look like it was painted on a higher resolution canvas but with the same level of detail. So it actually makes things look worse than they should be.
  6. Retroporting maps to older expansions is problematic because of huge visual differences due to lack of new technologies on older clients.
  7. I am quite sure this done with MOPY flags. 0x2 F_NOCAMCOLLIDE
  8. Looks like the texture blending make is lost on the model, or UV is borked.
  9. Any pictures of the graphical updates?