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  1. When using the darker nights mod for 3.3.5, weather changes breaks the darkness. I did some research and found out it was the weather dbc changing the lightning, so I made a patch fixing this. I included the darker nights mod, since is currently not accessible anymore and it's difficult to find nowadays. If anyone happens to find the weather still breaks for them, leave a comment and I will fix it. Download link -
  2. I'm trying to retro port spell visual effects from later expansions, but with little success. I'm using the LegionToWotLK converter from this website to convert the spell .m2 files. However, it doesn't seem to properly convert the spell .m2, nor is it able to convert the .skin file. The only spell visual I was able to get working properly is Warlock's Fel Flame from Cataclysm. I see other people have 010 script files for converting .m2 / .skin files, but all those sources are old and the links are dead. Is there anyone who can tell me how to convert the Legion .m2 / .skin spell visual effect files to 3.3.5? Possibly offer me the 010 editor scripts for the .m2 / .skin files. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm not entirely sure, but the problem might lie at the high creature entry ID. Try using a normal entry ID, such as 81,001. If that doesn't fix it, test whether the display ID of your mount works by replacing an existing mount creature's display ID with your desired display ID. Now if both of these options don't solve your issue, copy an existing mount from creature_template and simply replace the display ID.