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  1. hey guys, i downloaded a created custom map from a guy named NotCoffee418, exported maps and vmaps well and it works fine. After that I created my custom map ADT files and opened it in Rius Zone Masher, load the apt and saved it. Added DBC entry in Map.dbc. Created a new mpq file and exported it to the project for noggit. I can open it in Noggit without any errors but if I want to create the VMaps my map is not listed in the log from the extractor, but the map from NotCoffee418 is listed. What is my mistake? Thanks guys and sorry for my bad english.
  2. cant create vmaps. How can I do it? Maps works fine
  3. eQu

    Water breahting

    Solved it, I have to create the map files with the extractor. For vmaps i created a new thread with more details. Closed and thanks to all.
  4. eQu

    Water breahting

    it doesent work with an non gm acc the tip is shown for swimming, but no breath bar is shown
  5. hello guys, i created a test map with noggit and want to test the water. If the player is swimming the breath bar isnt shown. Where is the problem? Maybe the VMaps? And how can i create custom vmaps of my map? Console prints