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  1. I don't really understand how to do that. Opened the .m2 with 010 editor but have no idea how to make sense of the data. Could I change the glow effect, or remove it and add some ItemVisualEffect.dbc entries to it instead?
  2. That's weird, I tried this earlier without any luck. But it worked now, thanks!
  3. Yeah that was misleading. I have 1 client for Noggit, 1 for WMV and 1 for in-game. The map looks the same both in Noggit and in-game. I've tried altering some flags with GruulMe, but nothing changes.
  4. Hello. So I'm trying to copy Azshara Crater to a different map, because I'm going to use the original map for something else. I've done some editing in Noggit on the map beforehand. I used Riu's Zone Masher to create a new name for the PvPZone02 adts, as well as wdt. I've modified Map.dbc and areatable.dbc to the appropriate names. When I open the map in noggit, and in-game. The adts are fine, but the chunks are all messed up. Anybody knows how to fix this?
  5. Yes. He will make some glorious hats that we'll use to bribe Blizzard.
  6. Nah, what we need is a blackhat. I'll give Kevin Mitnick a call tomorrow.
  7. We should get our hands on a copy of that editor
  8. Continuing blizzards work on Azshara Crater for my upcoming server
  9. Ah, alright I`ll just wait for a fix then. Thanks.
  10. Hello. So I spawned some m2`s in Noggit which didn`t appear, so I just assumed they were buged. However, they are perfectly visible in client, but invisible in Noggit. How do I remove the models without clearing the whole ADT?