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  1. Aah thanks a lot. I didn't realize it had to be on server side too. I put it there and stupidly didn't have it in the noggit DBFilesClient either. Thank you.
  2. Hi so im stumbling on how to change the duskwood cemetary text that shows up on screen when i enter my map.. Ive changed my areatable.dbc and it shows my custom map name on character selection. Can anyone look at my dbc and tell me what im doing wrong. My areatable is a mess it was only working to use 3817. No option to change areaid in noggit from duskwood. map.dbc entry 804 all at bottom areatable that gives me Newfoud as the main zone im in. I dont understand why it only works to modify this testing map areatable 3817.
  3. Sorry TY guys you were right I wasnt cloning 3.3.5a. im good to go!
  4. Yes?? Like i said i've tried rebuilding/downloading the tools from elsewhere to make sure i have the 3.3.5a map extractor. My data folder looks normal correct? The dir to the maps is good in worldserver.conf T_T sorry if I'm missing something obvious someone please help meee
  5. Hii im back too and also having trouble with this. worldserver log:' does not exist! And every map extractor I have tried gives me this: ( have tried recompiling and repacks( MPQ files found in Data directory! This tool works only with World of Warcraft: Legion To extract maps for Wrath of the Lich King, rebuild tools using 3.3.5 branch! Press ENTER to exit... p.s no common.dll anywhere.
  6. Version 1


    Sir Franc's Chronicles of Azeroth. I Definitely won't do anything with these files so I am releasing them in hopes someone will. Keep modding alive and someone make a good RP server again! Happy New Year, Enjoy