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  1. As already said, the textures seems to be missing or linked wrong. I've tried today to link them or find them. Is there a better version of the WMOs? I'm not good enough to fix it by myself.
  2. I've tried to increase the max file count, but it still wont work. Every time I'm filling the .adts in the MPQ only a quarter of it actually are later in the patch. And if I opening the patch again the editir crash.
  3. I'm not quite sure what u like to tell me..
  4. Hi Today I've tried to create a huge continent (for testing purpose only ) . It's about 50x50 and so I'm about 2500 files for a patch. I've tried different versions of the MPQEditor, Created new MPQ, different Options, used Blizzard MPQ and delete everything but it seem to be that no patch is big enough to take my map. Is there any way to handle it?
  5. Hey there, I've tried to create a complete new continent with noggit. A part of this continent (lets say 4 .adts) I'd like to use for a dungeon/raid. Is there any way to just copy this 4 files and rename it? I dont like to rebuild every detail because that wouldnt be "exactly the same map". When I just took the adt and rename it noggit and the game instantly crash while entering the map. I hope any1 have a smart solution for me Bizzlesnaff