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  1. Is there a list file? I'm sure it's just me, but I'm not able to find the path or name of the objects.
  2. Okay, It was my bad, obviously But I've a new problem right now. A few parts of the armor (mostly the head) are not displayed right. They are a little bit to far in the neck. Is there a way to make every piece of gear to be shown normal? And just for me to know, is there an easy way to change the faction of a race? So lets say I'd like to have the Trolls on the alliance side...Is this just simple DBC editing?
  3. I'm not at home at the moment, but maybe you can tell me if I missed something in general. I've changed the "orc.m2" (female / male) and replaced it with a copy of "human.m2" (just renamed the "human" to "orc". After that I've changed every blp which looked like an orc blp again with the human blp. Is there something more I have to do?
  4. Hey there, I'm trying to simply change the m2 files and blp for the orcs on my server and replace them with the human one. So I'd like to see 2 human races playable but on "different sides". My problem is, it doesnt work...I guess I've changed every .m2 and every blp, but the "orc human" is still green and pretty big I dont know if my way is the right one to do. So maybe anyone is here with some more experience . Bizzlesnaff
  5. Did u also put all of your Stuff (DBC, ADT, WDT, WDL) inside your patch? Noggit may read his Data from your "Project File ". Try to paint every chunk on your map with 4 different textures. the dont have to be visible, but if you press "ctrl" + "left-click" there have to be 4 textures. Then save it, load it in your patch and try again. Try to disable mmaps and vmaps on your server. Would be weird but may this is the problem.
  6. I'm feeling a little bit stupid, but I'm stuck af. I create custom NPCs with "Trinity Core" creator tool. Everything is fine except a little point. My Enemy NPCs never hit me. They gave their best, but always miss. I've Changed levels etc, but nothing helped them to hit me. I'm pretty sure it's some little nasty mistake, but I didnt see it. Maybe someone could take a look and tell me my mistake. Bizzlesnaff Creature 700057.sql
  7. Hey there, For a few hours I'm trying to make a lua script which should add a few percent of the looted money to the guild. I've tried older versions of this Script but as far as I found out, there is no class in eluna to modify the money. Except the money of a specific Player. Any idea how to Deal with that, or did i missed something?
  8. Hi there, I've tried to bring up the "Eluna Engine" for trinitycore and so far it worked out for me. Now I'm playing around with a few LUA snippets. So far there are 2 different LUA scripts in my folder: local PLAYER_EVENT_ON_LOGIN = 3 local function OnLogin(event, player) player:SendBroadcastMessage("I'm online!") end RegisterPlayerEvent(PLAYER_EVENT_ON_LOGIN, OnLogin) Thats quit easy, and its just for me to be sure LUA is working. I've tried a little boss script and I dont know whats wrong but nothing happened. Here the code: local NAME = "Elite Boss" local NPCID = 600000 function Elite_OnCombat(pUnit, event, player) Elite=pUnit pUnit:SendChatMessage(12, 0, "Hello") pUnit:RegisterEvent("Elite_Phase1", 1000, 1) end function Elite_OnLeaveCombat(pUnit, event, player) pUnit:RemoveEvents() pUnit:SendChatMessage(14, 0, "Bye") end function Elite_OnDeath(pUnit, event, player) pUnit:RemoveEvents() end function Elite_Phase1(pUnit, event, player) if Elite:GetHealthPct() == 85 then Elite:SendChatMessage(12, 0, "I see that you want a true battle") Elite:CastSpell(52262) Elite:RegisterEvent("Elite_Phase2", 1000, 1) end end RegisterUnitEvent(600000, 1, "Elite_OnCombat") RegisterUnitEvent(600000, 2, "Elite_OnLeaveCombat") RegisterUnitEvent(600000, 4, "Elite_OnDeath") I've just copied this from an online tutorial. The ID 600000 is my testing npc, but he still just hit me without any word The Eluna log told me the folowing things: I'm at the very beginning of LUA, so Ihave no Idea how to fix that. Every little hint would be great. Edit: Okay, worked out that the second "end" near to the end is without any sense. But still not workable.
  9. I'm not quit sure, but you could try to write "world" without a capital letter. You didnt change any of the .dbc right? You've edited a already existing map..that's strange. If you're testing in-game, you are on the correct map? As far as I remember right "azeroth" isn't the "alternative" stormwind map. So be sure you are editing the right map, and include the right files into your MPQ. My last idea would be to copy an existing MPQ, delete everything inside and bring your own files inside.
  10. As already said, the textures seems to be missing or linked wrong. I've tried today to link them or find them. Is there a better version of the WMOs? I'm not good enough to fix it by myself.
  11. I've tried to increase the max file count, but it still wont work. Every time I'm filling the .adts in the MPQ only a quarter of it actually are later in the patch. And if I opening the patch again the editir crash.
  12. I'm not quite sure what u like to tell me..
  13. Hi Today I've tried to create a huge continent (for testing purpose only ) . It's about 50x50 and so I'm about 2500 files for a patch. I've tried different versions of the MPQEditor, Created new MPQ, different Options, used Blizzard MPQ and delete everything but it seem to be that no patch is big enough to take my map. Is there any way to handle it?
  14. Hey there, I've tried to create a complete new continent with noggit. A part of this continent (lets say 4 .adts) I'd like to use for a dungeon/raid. Is there any way to just copy this 4 files and rename it? I dont like to rebuild every detail because that wouldnt be "exactly the same map". When I just took the adt and rename it noggit and the game instantly crash while entering the map. I hope any1 have a smart solution for me Bizzlesnaff