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  1. According to the description it looks pretty neat, but I'm currently packing it into an MPQ patch because the file is just a .rar with the folder structure. So you can use it directly if you have your wow.exe patched, but I think you need to pack it in a MPQ file in order to use it with WMV.
  2. Found also this post on the same forum:
  3. Hi, author from that post here! It's been a long time since my last post, I've not been into modding lately but I hope this helps. According to your video, I think you forgot the last step to get the work done. This one, especifically: So you need to edit the corresponding index(42 or 3, both you used for example) on struct sAnimations_Animations, and swap the animID (that it would probably be A_Stand (0), according to the results) with MountFlyIdle (x), in order to choose it you can use the scrollbar that appears when editing this field. Hope it works for you, good luck!
  4. Thanks Razmataz. I'll take look for the second option, which is the one that I would like to implement, the only problem is that I don't remember any boss with that kind of spell mechanic. About the first option,I think the radius of the cone also determines the range of the spell, so the drawback of this is that it would hit more targets than the intended. I mean, if the range was like 15 yd, the spell would hit some targets that aren't exactly in front the caster. I'll visit some TBC dungeons, maybe there are some useful bosses there xD.
  5. Hey guys! First, what I mean by skillshot is some kind of spell that can be cast with initially no target and then finds it's target which is in a straight path in front of the caster, for example. This kind of spells it's commonly used on MOBAs and there were added some of these on WOD and in LegionI,I believe. So my question is : How can this be added to Wotlk? I have already tried by editing spell.dbc with Stoneharry's tool and messing with the target options with no success. I think that it could be done by scripting on the core, but I have not edited any spell on the core yet. Has anyone tried to make this before?
  6. This is how I swap animations: -First you should look on struct sAnimations_Animations for the animation that you want to be swapped with the new one. You can get the ID of the struct by looking on WMV for that animation. (I'll suppose swim animation) -Once you found that struct, display its content and the first field it's the anim_ID, which corresponds with that entry on AnimationLookup. For example if on the struct you find an anim_ID = 8, then you are going to change that entry of AnimationLookup. -On AnimationLookup change the value of the entry you found before with the ID of the animation you want to be played instead. For example, entry number 8 value was 10 so you swap that 10 with the ID of the new animation that you can find by using WMV, imagine its 15. So the modified AnimationLookup entry 8 will have value 15. -Then go again to struct sAnimations_Animations, the one correspinding to the new animation (15 in my case), and then change the anim_ID with the value that had the old one. 8 in my case. Now it should be working as intented, this method is the one that I have been using so far and it's working perfectly for me on a Wotlk client.
  7. I know this might not help, but according to WowModelViewer only BloodElves appear to be broken models, other races seem to be working. So, sadly, you may need to retroport Bloodelves_hd legion model to have those animations...
  8. Yep, I was wrong. It wasn't spellVisual.dbc it was SpellVisualKit, the last 4 columns are for a RGB mask and by tweaking the values on that columns I could change the color of the weapon trail during the strike. I was looking for the m2 file on the Legion client, of the new weapon trail, and I did not found it, but I found a lot of .blp files instead that are used by that "hipotetical" m2 file, The one that is displayed on the gif above is called weapontrail_warrior_cleave.blp.There are a lot of them that came with Legion. Is there any way to discover when or where are any of these texture file referenced? I have been looking into SpellVisualEffectName.db2 but I didn't found anything realted with it.
  9. Well, I followed your advise and yeah, dk strikes do have a m2 files, I edited one them with the Legion cleave texture and this is the result: But that just only affected the tiny red trail that is slightly undetectable. What I would like to replace is that big yellow trail, with the one that added Legion, if its possible. It's funny cause other spells can be ported perfectly like whirlwind: I have been looking around all the clientfiles and I have not found anything related with that effect, just that on SpellVisual.dbc there are some columns that change the color displayed. If anyone knows anything about this I would really thank any kind of help!
  10. Well, now I did xD. I fixed that issue by following this tutorial. I still had some problems with the face texture, but that wasn't the main objective of this post, so it can be solved later. Finally I could port an animation, is the new warrior cleave animation. This is the result: Now, I would like to port the weapon trail that was implemented on Legion : I don't really know how to do this, beacause the weapon trail of Wotlk wasn't a .m2 file, it was a RGB mask created on the dbfiles. And I think on Legion this is done with a m2 file with his own blp texture file. I'll keep looking on how to do this, I know that an user of this forum retro-ported some spellvisuals from MOP, so maybe it won't be so different. Thanks again for your help ,Inico.
  11. Hi! Well here I am again with a little texture problem. With your help and by reading those tutorials I managed to retroport a human female model from Legion to Wotlk And now I'm stuck with this issue, btw I'm using Finsternis' patch for the dbc files related to the char models. I think that may be the origin of the texture bug, but I'm not sure... I'll keep investigating about this anyway. Surprisingly all the hairstyles are working, except some that I deleted on blender because I wanted to do a quick try, and later I would start decimating instead of deleting some meshes. Thanks again for your kind help!
  12. Thanks a lot for your help! I'll start reading that tutorials right now! When I have enough time I'll try to port some models and test the animations swaps. If I get it to work I'll post some results. Thanks again guy!
  13. Ok so this is what I tried to do so far, right after reading your answer when I had some time: -First, I downloaded those tools you mentioned, and then exported from the legion client files one character .m2 files, it was bloodelffemalehd.m2 (which contains some of those new animations, like the DH ones). I tried to use M2mod redux with that file but the program reported an error :"failed to load M2, file is corrupt". -Then I tried to mess with the bloodelffemale.m2 file that I downloaded from Modcraft along with other .m2 characters files retro-ported from WOD afaik, and with the 010 editor I could swap some animations within that .m2 file. That is the Ready2H swapped with other one. Anyway the problem is still the same, I can't retro-port the legion character models with those animations. Do I need to edit something on blender? I mean, would it be any difference on the process of retro-porting legion character models than WOD character models? Thx for your kind help!
  14. Hi! I'm quite noob at Retro-porting and I was looking a way to port those new animations to LK. After doing some research I noticed it won't be an easy task,and what I discovered is a little information. I know that those animations are stored in the Legion .m2 character files, I have been looking for a converter for .m2 Legion format file to LK's and i did found PhilipTNG's one, but it doesn't support character models conversion. Even if could convert them, then I would have to link those new animations to the spells cast animations instead of the old ones. I'm quite lost at the moment, I don't know how and if it's possible to make any progress on the right direction. Does anyone know if this is achievable? If it is, I'm pretty sure that it would take many hours, but I don't care how much time it could take, I would like to know how to achieve this. I'm sorry if it feels like a really dumb question. Thanks for any kind of help!