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  1. Krysík

    Dragon Isles + Dragon Isles Arena

    The Dragon Isles were shrouded by dense mist for hundreds of years now, yet now with the Lich King's death strange dragons start to appear all around the world, and so the Kirin Tor in cooperation with the Explorer's League have decided to search for this mysterious place - the Dragon Isles. A WoW Modder MTL, who does modding videos on Youtube, covered this area in one of his recent videos, you might want to check this one out
  2. It is a specific instance - more precisely it is located on a separate map with its own id. Right now it is not part of Dragon Isles patch, however, the entrance can be found there. Maybe in future I will include it into patch.
  3. It is a nice release and I really do appreaciate it
  4. Are you selling these models, or what? Because I don't really get what is the points of this topic. I am sorry to tell you, but it is kind of off.
  5. Version 1.0


    I was asked by someone to help with some editing regarding Cataclysm Lordaeron city model. Now I am sharing this model to you, there could be some more people who could appreaciate it. Changes: - All doodad models were removed from the courtyard. - Courtyard was overhauled in general - awful grass texture was completly removed (you have to put there terrain now), moat texture was change to stone - A new passage was made that connect Blood Elven quarter to with the gardens. - Corridor connecting Courtyard and gardens is now opened (there was a closed gate originally).
  6. You need to work on making this suit the WoW graphics better, but other than that I like it, and I value the fact that you are editing character models
  7. I haven't tested this on TBC client, but maybe I could try make the world map working for Mana-Tombs dungeon on WoTLK and then let you know.
  8. You will have to give some more info on your problem, I'd like to help you asap, but I really don't know where the issue is, maybe try checking coordinates and correct map name?
  9. You have done some good job with UI, I like it I'm no Anime fan, but maybe you might want to adjust the font to make it more Asian like?
  10. It is, but it is developed for Cata mainly.
  11. I admit it is little confusing, but as you say those should be gameobjects. Yet it seems weird that they are still there, even after you removed them. I'm sorry I have poor knowledge of serverwise matters, you will have to ask someone who has more knowledge of this.
  12. Krysík

    The Neltharion's Lair

    Custom made WMO based dungeon, situated beneath the Dragon Isles (other album). Credits for many retroported models go to Experimensts.
  13. Those buildings are game objects, which means you have to remove them serverwise.
  14. Hi there! This is a very useful release, but maybe, you could include ground effect models as well? That would be awesome.