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  1. Krysík

    Monde aquatique

    I like how colourful the scenery is
  2. Wow, that size , it must have taken hours of work, good job. Let me show some of my first WMO creation off as well a small abandoned dragon temple, took a while to figure everything out, but I am happy it works
  3. You need to do that in order to see the map in-game, however, it is not nessesary for work in Noggit
  4. In Noggit 3.2614 you can't just change your settings such as project path via the config textfile, you have to open Noggit, load some map, and then go to Noggit in the left upper corner, you open settings and it is there that you can change your project path or WMV log path and so on. So basicly the problem is that your 3.2614 Noggit doesn't load the project file with DBC, WDT and Adts files.
  5. As always it looks great, especially the wheat field. But I wonder how far you are with finnishing this project?
  6. Oh, sorry I got it wrong at first. So now I know what you are after. This one is interesting, but I remember reading somewhere that there is engine limited render cap, just as you have said. Nonetheless, there is video in which guy shows entire Kalimdor using WoWMachinimaTool, it was on Cataclysm client though. But I am really curious if someones knows how to make this work.
  7. I don't think that Kalimdor uses the default Skybox. If you take a look into Light.dbc and scroll down to line 191 you will find the skybox for the entire Kalimdor (the one in the picture). It applies to the whole Kalimdor because it is set to Map Id 1 (Kalimdor) and doesn't have and given coordinates nor radius. However, if you want to change vissibllity fog distance you should go to the LightFloatBand.dbc as far as I can say according to the WowDev. Honestly I have never tried changing these so I wonder if it works.
  8. I really like the way you work with new models, very nice work Just perhaps you could add some darker lightning (or mist or whatever) to the area surrounding the graveyard? It isn't very happy place nor was it back in the times of humans, wasn't it?
  9. Hi there, how did you come by this? Did you follow the new blank map tutorial? I mean it is hard to say what the cause of the issue is. Perhaps try looking at this
  10. I know I haven't been active recently, in fact I didn't produce anything in about two years, nonetheless hopefully I will have enough time next year so that I can return back to modding 😉

    For now I wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

    1. Krysík


      Something new could appear soon 😉WoWScrnShot_021719_115621.thumb.jpg.81f5f8dd38496a53516e5c223507919a.jpg

  11. Krysík

    Northeron Isles + Isle of Terros

    This album contains images of my previous work. Most of it is very old. If I ever sink my teeth into modding again, I will use this album for new images.
  12. Krysík


    Incredible! You have done a very nice and dynamic world building Only thing I can think out, which is really just a little detail, are the trees, they seem too static, perhaps try to make them point either to the outer rim or towards the center.
  13. I'm looking for 1-2 people for some minor WoD/Legion experimenting. Anyone interested? :) 

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    2. MrXJKz


      Discord Jok#9412 we will discuss about your experiment

    3. Skarn


      Discord Skarn_3#6162

    4. Krysík


      Great! I will contact you this weekend guys when I have more time :)  

  14. You could try to add some orange-red like cloud gas (try the steam cloud from the MoP Isle of Thunder and recolour it), but as always nice work, keep it up! Yet I wonder how would this look like in WoD or Legion
  15. The colour combination is great! Maybe the only thing which could help it a little could be some nice blue sky box?