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  1. Maps have to be produced in 3.3.5. Client only as of now, but you can convert them to higher expansions. Oh, let me explain the texture scalling ( I believe it is called this way?). In MoP Blizz introduced a new tool or option for textures and that is texture scalling, this mean that you can scale the actual size of texture on the terrain. This may sound weird, but this way Blizz created most of MoP+ zones, and thus achieving the unique looking style of mountains that is literally impossible in WoTLK or Cata. Take a look at Kun-Lai Summit zone in MoP and note the mountains. P. S. : I think I have already seen somebody in this community playing around with MoP+ content and I believe he was using this texture scalling, so I wonder how did he approach this.
  2. That is great to see somebody working on post WoTLK expansion. Do you do map editing as well? Adding new maps, using texture scalling and such?
  3. Version 1.0


    Lordaeron City model pack I'm sharing a model pack containing quite a few Lordaeron City themed models. Some models are simple edited cuts of the original Undercity wmo model, some models are custom made. Many of the models in the pack come from a joint collaboration of me and SinisterX (MTL). I share this pack in hope that Noggit lego-builders will make a great use of it. List of models: Wall - wmo Wall Tower - wmo Gate - wmo Arch Wall - wmo Arch Wall Gate - wmo Altar - wmo Astronomer's Tower Section - wmo City Tower - wmo City Road Ruins - wmo Lordaeron Barracks - wmo Lordaeron Small House - wmo Lordaeron Large House - wmo Lordaeron Chapel - wmo Lordaeron Stables - wmo Lordaeron Crypt - wmo Lordaeron Small Wall - m2 Lordaeron Fountain - m2 Lordaeron Statue01 (Terenas Menethil) - m2 Lordaeron Statue02 (Warrior) - m2 - Note that wmo models are lego friendly and m2 models can be put into their interior with exception of Barracks (they use human generic doodad pack). - Eventhough I tested the models in-game, there may be some model issues, if you find any such issue, do let me know please, I will do my very best to fix it! There goes link to the MTL Undercity series:
  4. Krysík


    Yeah, you are right the seaweed is weird, I should have thinked about that heh.
  5. Very simple, well written tutorial. Producing m2s with UV animation can get very useful! I love it.
  6. Krysík


    Show off of completed Tel'Abim island. The entire zone is located on about 9 adts in total, on a separated map, surrounded by ocean ( 3 adts of water in each direction from the island). Waters surrounding the island are rich on environment just as the island itself. Functional world map, minimap, brand new skybox comes with the island as well, several custom m2 and wmo models were also made for the map. Video cover of the map is coming in the following weeks. Link will be placed here, once the video is out. Special thanks for cooperation goes to Experimensts and MTLMedia (SinisterX).
  7. Looks really nice, this gives me a strong nostalgia of Warcraft 3 Naruto maps (I hated them, but my friend wanted me to play them with him ). I am suprised how well this "simple" terrain eventually looks.
  8. Krysík

    Dragon Isles + Dragon Isles Arena

    The Dragon Isles were shrouded by dense mist for hundreds of years now, yet now with the Lich King's death strange dragons start to appear all around the world, and so the Kirin Tor in cooperation with the Explorer's League have decided to search for this mysterious place - the Dragon Isles. A WoW Modder MTL, who does modding videos on Youtube, covered this area in one of his recent videos, you might want to check this one out
  9. Very nice, I hope there will be more releases like this.
  10. These tutorials are nice, they are straightforward and very much everything important is well explained. I hope you will do more of these, these videos could help beginners to get into modding. Maybe you could even talk to Balkron or Skarn and they could make those a part of their basic modding tutorials?
  11. Blizzard changed light dbcs in MoP quite a bit, they removed LightIntBand.dbc and LightFloatBands.dbc which used to contain colour and fog information simply put. According to wiki those were moved to LightData.dbc you can check it out here I'd say it was for better because it is much simplier when it is all in one dbc, but you will have to change all those values yourself.
  12. I think there is an issue with WDT file, I have been trying to retroport some adts from cata to wotlk to edit them and put them back, but really I couldn't do that unless I attached its own WDT file to it, simply put you can't port 4.3.4. Adts to 3.3.5. without adding new WDT file. But, adding new WDT file will break the original map. So as far as I know, if you want to port cataclysm Orgrimmar to 3.3.5. you will have to port entire Kalimdor.
  13. Hi, I need a question about Prophecy Roleplay? Exists Ogres with one or two heads, with system of wearable items like cloth, leather, mail, plate?  Thanks.

    1. Krysík


      Hello, as far as I know Prohecy RP is still work in progress, there is nothing aside from the information publicily available that I could tell you, because I am not part of their team. I have never seen nor heard of any good Ogres mod that would allow two heads and completly wearable items. But maybe someone else will be able to help you :) 

  14. I believe this issues happens when your custom map doesn't have a minimap for all Adts. So try making a minimap for the whole map.
  15. It is a specific instance - more precisely it is located on a separate map with its own id. Right now it is not part of Dragon Isles patch, however, the entrance can be found there. Maybe in future I will include it into patch.