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  1. Wmo Lordaeron City Custom Models & Cut Models

    Lordaeron City model pack
    I'm sharing a model pack containing quite a few Lordaeron City themed models. Some models are simple edited cuts of the original Undercity wmo model, some models are custom made. Many of the models in the pack come from a joint collaboration of me and SinisterX (MTL). I share this pack in hope that  Noggit lego-builders will make a great use of it.
    List of models:
    Wall - wmo Wall Tower - wmo Gate - wmo Arch Wall - wmo Arch Wall Gate - wmo Altar - wmo Astronomer's Tower Section - wmo City Tower - wmo City Road Ruins - wmo Lordaeron Barracks - wmo Lordaeron Small House - wmo Lordaeron Large House - wmo Lordaeron Chapel - wmo Lordaeron Stables - wmo Lordaeron Crypt - wmo Lordaeron Small Wall - m2 Lordaeron Fountain - m2 Lordaeron Statue01 (Terenas Menethil) - m2 Lordaeron Statue02 (Warrior) - m2 - Note that wmo models are lego friendly and m2 models can be put into their interior with exception of Barracks (they use human generic doodad pack).
    - Eventhough I tested the models in-game, there may be some model issues, if you find any such issue, do let me know please, I will do my very best to fix it!  
    There goes link to the MTL Undercity series: 


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  2. Dragon Isles - Map Release

    Dragon Isles - custom made map, I release it to the public, as long as you give credit, you can make any use of it.
    The Isles are located north of Hearthglen, they are in fatigue zone, so be careful.
    If you want to see what the map looks like, go to the gallery section, there are some screenshots of it. 
    Update 28. 12. 2019: Fixed edge like holes.
    Update 2. 7. 2020: Skybox added, see the photos below.


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  3. Modified Cataclysm Undercity Model

    I was asked by someone to help with some editing regarding Cataclysm Lordaeron city model. 
    Now I am sharing this model to you, there could be some more people who could appreaciate it.
    - All doodad models were removed from the courtyard.
    - Courtyard was overhauled in general - awful grass texture was completly removed (you have to put there terrain now), moat texture was change to stone
    - A new passage was made that connect Blood Elven quarter to with the gardens.
    - Corridor connecting Courtyard and gardens is now opened (there was a closed gate originally).


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  4. Dragon Isles - custom made model pack

    I've decided to share some of my custom made models made for  nearly finished Dragon Isles zone.
    I hope somebody finds use for these models. It is likely I will add more in future, or change the existing ones.
    If you run into any issues with the models,  write it down to the comment or PM me, I will do my best to gest those fixed.
    Patch-M contains: M2 and WMO models with textures and all non WoTLK M2s doodads used for the models.
    If you are interested in Dragon Isles custom zone, which makes use of these models:!LZxHDIQa!zCLRjttIxUXP_VtnlXBH9Jb52QQzrqpUR5j10SAFufM
    Update 1 - 1.1
    - Added more models - Dragon Towers, Dragon Stones, Dragon Tablets, Dragon Vasas - each model has a normal and a damaged variant.
    - Fixed some texture issues, fixed a missing model issue.
    - Minor changes to doodad sets.
    - Added more vertex paint.
    - Slightly decreased patch size - most of useless files were removed.
    Update 2 - 1.2
    - The Master's lair model is more detailed now.
    - Fixed the shader on the dwarven ship. More details were also added.


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