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  1. Today i tried run latest QT Noggit on old PC platform, (1366) with Xeon and sloooow GPU. Running (by default) Noggit on all PC cores, (of couse:)) - has low FPS But when i run it on only one core, i get FPS bust more than 50%! Can someone test, so it actually for newested PC platform (AM4, 1151, 2011)?
  2. You can change water height with allwater+bat file after each saving adt's in noggit for %%i in (*.adt) do AllWater_wotlk.exe "%%i" -37 2 75 Or edit your relief, make water heigh 0.
  3. Principliablity, i dont use free hosting - they has no support, no varranty of saving date, have a high latency and wild overselling)) Only for around 250rub in month, you can rent VDS with 1 cores, 1Gb RAM, and 20GB SSD Drive. Anytime you can increase number of cores\memory. Lately i use - they have balanced cost, responsive support, flexible VDS configuration, and placed in Msk. Also you can rent VPN and make port forwarding to your PC\Virtual PC with configured WoW servers. For 100 pl, you needed at least 2 Cores. For build TrinityCore - 2Gb RAM(withot RAM drive, which increase building progress more that 10 times)
  4. Thank, nice guide to action. One more trick - Fly mode. Perfect tool for overwiev and camera move across your wmo's. Hotkeys: enable mod Shift+F, moving WASD, Shift - moving acceleration, Space - jump to target face, G - enable gravity, LMB - exit fly mode. Интересно почитать про бленд и лайтмапы.
  5. I always fill it into the database manually. Open mysql console as root or trinity, use world database, and run "\. /way_to_full_world.sql;"
  6. Hi, Amaroth, thank you for the channel, we will follow!)) Personally, I would be interested to know more about: - WMO editing: fully creating into 3D editor, geoset managment, adding model sets, making maps and minimaps and placing dark corners; - Project sequrity: hiding custom content mpq, project team access managment, server protection; - Working with DBC tables: detailled lessons about light, environment sounds, fog and skyboxes;
  7. See PaperDollFrame.xml and lua. You need 1. Hide mainhand weapon inventory slot (or move range slot) into xml 2. Make short script in lua, when you equip range weapon, unequip melee weapons.
  8. Like graphic card memory\driver bug. Try run your landscape on different PC
  9. Thoraric, for each model with transparent, you must make 2 steps. 1. Edit leaves texture into PS - clear green filling around leaves. 2. Set transparent flag into 010 Editor - open your M2, move to struct RenderFlags, and set blendingmode=RM_AlphaTesting(1) for your leaves geosets ))
  10. Сloud file storage. Like Dropbox, Google Drive or Yandex.disc. With SVN for keeping different versions of files. But. You must organize access managment and backup for all your progect files. And you must have trust to each developers. Because any user can destroy all your progect)) Хотя яндекс нахер. Мыло поприличней.
  11. Sry for my English Не могу понять логики работы палитры тайтлов: в окне загрузки наборов только кривой dragonblight. Загрузка всех тайтлов загружает только уже использованные adt текстуры. Это фича или баг? И вопрос знатокам - баг с удалением объектов из мира при сохранении исправлен? Если сохранять несколько раз, не перезапуская Ногит.