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  1. One little question. How to make valid OBJ file in defaulth blender scene?
  2. shilen, i been have same trouble (With 2.79 Blender) In wmo script action "wmo_fill_textures" works correctly only when all models and textures packed into MPQ. You must pack your custom assets or edit .py file, where just do disabling loaded game data check. My decision - making custom script for renaming materials. Something like this class Fill_WMO_Textures(bpy.types.Operator): bl_idname = 'scene.wmo_fill_textures' bl_label = 'Fill textures' bl_description = """Fill Texture 1 field of WoW materials with paths from applied image. """ bl_options = {'REGISTER', 'UNDO'} def execute(self, context): for ob in bpy.context.selected_objects: mesh = for i in range(len(mesh.materials)): if mesh.materials[i].active_texture is not None \ and not mesh.materials[i].WowMaterial.Texture1 \ and mesh.materials[i].active_texture.type == 'IMAGE' \ and mesh.materials[i].active_texture.image is not None: path = os.path.normcase(bpy.context.scene['MWOTexturePath'] + os.path.basename(os.path.splitext(mesh.materials[i].active_texture.image.filepath)[0]) + '.blp') mesh.materials[i].WowMaterial.Texture1 = path break{'INFO'}, "Done filling texture paths") return {'FINISHED'}
  3. @Alastor Strix'Efuartus interesing, is posible in "1s person" (with 0 camera range) dont hide char model?
  4. @Alastor Strix'Efuartus have same problem with tiles. With both exe's. I tryed change path and names to uppercase, convert from blp to other formats - it all dont make positive changes. Displayed dark dirt texture - is _s texture, packed to MPQ.
  5. I tryed both versions of 10th exe. Also my previous old version with lua check. They all are ignore unpacked tiles.
  6. Alastor, hi! This exe dont show ingame my custom tilesets, placed in wow directory. Noggit can working with they are fine. But, for display tiles ingame, required pack all it to MPQ. And then, in noggit they displayed twice:(. Can you patch exe for supporting unpacked tilesets?
  7. Dnt do it. Because all DBC tables are checked by last line number on serverside. If you have files in folder "C:/Users/epicb/Desktop/World of Warcraft/World of Warcraft 3.3.5a\DBFilesClient", Noggit are rewrite all same DBC tables from MPQ . Rename or erase it all. Or For easy modding, make same path to Project and WoW destination . And use patched wow.exe. And be happy, without MPQ patches and client restart.
  8. Give please link to latest version. Or update same resourse. Hi all!
    Comrades, share latest build Noggit.
  9. jhoancito, your mistake - config file are readed by confmanager only one time - in world.cpp Add in to he your additional parametet (see boolean section in World::LoadConfigSettings) And two, are you really need set this parameter in your config if he are enabled, as i understand, always?
  10. Can be useful tool after adding few features: 1. Grouping all data rows by Light Params (each 18 strings) 2. Making text names of all parameters. 3. Able to adding and deleting data strings. FiftyTifty, thank You! I'l Be waiting future additions.
  11. MyDBCEditor in 2019?! Open for yourself WDBX Editor! Dont make bicycle!) Speak with author about repository access. If you can add some features (like multiple select, edit, replace and delete lines) - it be a wonderful!
  12. Classic procedural generated sky are, hardcoded. Can only change color and density. For search (and change) any Skybox 1. See in Lightmaper Lightid for needed area. 2. Find this ID in Light.dbc 3. Remember Lightparams_0-3 (0-sunny, 1-underwater, 2-storm, 3 - underwater storm) 4. In LightParams.dbc see all this LightSkyboxID 5. And find him in LightSkybox.dbc