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  1. that downport was done by Malice long long time ago!!
  2. LoL that void elf race from wow heroes, the void elf female have glow in their eyes and the void elf male has no hahaha, stop selling things that you stole from other server wtf for real...
  3. Niceee models! void paaaccck 3 up coming 2022 xD!
  4. Thanks for this release I'm gonna wait for the mount interface! gonna be crazy
  5. that are just spell visuals are not new animations
  6. Piccolodmq It would be too much to ask you can upload the files again? cause the links are not working! thanks
  7. Really nice work, hope you can sell all of them :))
  8. Finally I managed to get the textures! thanks for all your help :=))
  9. I tested like 7 versions of WSS without result with the textures. Can you please upload the textures of the npcs and items or any else you have? thanks!.
  10. the textures looks like this: Falkrin_Sword_02_color.tex.bmp
  11. Thanks for response, actually I get that client, and I tried with many versions of wildstarstudio, I getted the model but my issue is with the textures, all of them looks completely black. Do you think you can provide the wildstar studio you are using? thanks.
  12. Really nice!, by the way what program do you use to convert textures of wildstar (.tex) to any other format?! thanks.
  13. Would be really good and usefull, if someone does an tutorial or guide about this. (Y)