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  1. Yeah exactly what you said, you need to add the path of each .blp file in the correct groove.
  2. this is why, it show blank. You need to add the .blp in the correct groove.
  3. If problem persist, upload your files and I can check them, only the .m2 and .skin files.
  4. I did the second option, took me like two days of download . Good Luck Uthil.
  5. Yeah, but you not have the wow client v8.0.1?, u should download it so and if you have it, try re-downloading it.
  6. Hmm really weird mine casc explorer still working without any problems, another way u can get the files it's from WMV or download casc explorer again an updated the listfile or maybe ur client have some problems. good luck
  7. oh yeahhh, if you have no access, you can't do it. The only way is rename ur m2 and skin file with some other m2/skin file that exist to replace it. Good luck!
  8. eyy, Item_template (database) where you make custom items. just copy a row from other 2h sword! and use ur custom displayid from itemdisplayinfo.dbc
  9. Yeahh, try making a new wep or copy a row of a two handed sword weapon and just change the displayid with the new one you add in item display info.dbc., by the way what is the weapon of the screenshot?
  10. Had a mistake in creaturemodeldata.dbc, solved
  11. Hello, also is not showing the weapons, hope someone can give me a tip. Thanks.
  12. Hello i have a problem with the "mount animation" that is not working when I morph in a creature, of course this morph have the mount animation but is not working when I use any kind of mount. Any kind of advice will be great. Thanks for reading.
  13. Maybe you can use the pymodeleditor, and make a new global sequence, to translate the position of the weapon, it works for me when use it for woltk, GL.