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  1. Would be really good and usefull, if someone does an tutorial or guide about this. (Y)
  2. Open the model in blender using the m2mod redux and change their position.
  3. It would be interesting to see how to move the animations of an existing creature in wow to another creature that you have in non animated format such as a .obj, weight painting, and also how to add particles to the .m2.
  4. Hello, check the format in itemDisplayinfo.dbc just copy an existing row of gloves, pants, etc and replace with the new blps do you want to add.
  5. If you are going to use non-BFA models, I recommend downloading a legion client, and using the multiconverter in that way you will not have any problems, what happens with the BFA models and that blank textures are because of the TXIDS, you should end the correct IDs of the textures and add them manually using the 010 editor.
  6. check the correct path of the textures that appear in the m2, and then edit the textures in photoshop.
  7. I think the image of the first photo is the cloudmount but updated, and yours is from MoP.
  8. Verify in the 010 editor all the textures that the model needs, and also that the textures are in the correct folder, btw the second image looks fine.
  9. XD, I didn't do anything in that version so don't know how to do it.
  10. Hmm for what version you need it? because the tree model you linked is the common model used in wotlk.
  11. i just tell you how to do it xD, but if you have no idea about .dbc or creatures displays, so someone could do the patch for you. Good luck with that :')
  12. First of all that is not my tutorial, another person did it, and yes, is a bit confusing understand it. I looked the video alot of times what you can do first is get the same files and try what he do, what he was wrote is like a 010 template to execute in the model and get the filedataIDS and later assign in each row the textures of the model to fix that blank textures.
  13. for what version you want? Well, if you only want to see it, then take the SpellShapeshiftForm.dbc and change the displayid (column 24/25 alliance/horde) of you want, make a patch and put it in your Data wow folder and that's all.
  14. Hi, from where you get the pigman.m2 ? if you get it from bfa client, that blank textures are because the TXIDS , you should fin the correct IDs of the textures and add them manually using the 010 editor.
  15. The latest version of CASC explorer should work, and also BFA models have TXIDS you should find the filedataID and add it to your model to assign the blp in the corrects boxes. How to find the correct ID's? check the video.