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  1. The map looks really beautiful. You can easily fall in love with how much detail has been worked. Very well done really !.
  2. It looks so damn good. If you were a German role play project you would have me as a regular player.
    Thank you for that. I'll take a look keep it up!
  3. Very nice Pics and good Idea
  4. Oh man this is so Awesome.. i like this work really
  5. Hi I'm working Currently on the Kristallmythosinsel, a Custom Lore Island Left Side from the Bloodmythos and Azurmythosisland A good place for a New Life =)
    Very Thanks for this Patch, Skarn! Nice Job i Love you
  6. yes you can. Woow Very Nice, Thanks for this Info
  7. Frage aus reinem Interesse, da ich mich Aktuell in solche dinge einlese. Diese Konvertierten Datein können also vorher mit Noggit Bearbeitet werden und dann durch diese Art und Weise auf einem MoP oder WoD server genutzt werden? wenn ja klingt das sehr Interessant.