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  1. Still there, just new update. And yes you need both files.
  2. The thrall model that i have has 21716 tris and the max ist 21845 . Your edited model have also just one skin file at the end and it works anyway? So maybe something with the bones. Edit: Rly idk ,so maybe after you make it "low poly "it works with one skin file. I try to reduce bones with ofc end in a chaos model but still wow errors. Edit2: Ye i just deleted most of his Armor and it works without touching the bones.
  3. Maybe just wrong blp format? Palattized and no alpha
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I saw that brilliant video and make him rl in game Be care, i dont test it yet at fight and i know that in the battle. There is also no helmet version. Not sure if or when i will fix it. Edit: I made a icc run and ofc´s i edit the wrong Lich King model -_-, the update will come asap.
  5. Models with a lot polygons have often more than one .skin file. There is LOD, some shader and textur stuff inside and ye i cant downport these new with just one skin file. Maybe it is something else what i not see, but the point i see is the skin different.
  6. For example: Thrallshadowlands had never more than one skin file lich2 had a time ago 4 skin files now just 1
  7. Hey, as the title said, some of the new stuff there have just one skin file and i cant port it down without wow error. Some of them had in earlier ptr versions more skin files and some never had more than one. Have maybe anyone a solution to make them work in wotlk?
  8. I know it is a bit older Topic but it is a similar Problem. Anduins horse have a $FD1 event but no sound on Mountspecial. So is it Possible to edit it or to see how it "fire now"? Or anyone an idea where i should look?
  9. Maype "Patch" just with a small letter to "patch". Btw what happend to your patch-3?
  10. And there's a good reason for that. My bandwidth was very slow and I didn't want to update for 3 days. However, I had designed it in such a way that others can use their npc models when they have them. In any case, I'm excited for your version, leeviathan ^ ^. All your previous things, were very cool.
  11. Character models are a pain as fuck^^. You need to edit each model in blender, fixing all stuff by hand and edit thousands of textures. And btw i have no idea how to handle the new .skel files. But ya ask questions if you have.^^" Btw. maybe the new blender studio could fix the .skel and "byhand fixing stuff" . This would save a lot of time and tears^^
  12. Btw warmane use my work (just the player models not the npc´s, but im sure they add them from another one) without any mention. They just edit two id´s and said that their devs make a big cool work. This faces are older "bugs" and need no big 3D model fix. What u see there is a new model with a old texture. Nothing else. Btw they are the reason why i fucked my patch up.
  13. Im not sure, maybe the texture not exist for the particle?
  14. He explain how to find out the new Txid. For a while there was hardcoded textures in the files, but now there are "hidden" Txid´s. With this TXid´s you can find out which texture this slots have. In the video you can see the complete template at 2.27 min, after this im sure it is a way to add hardcoded textures path correct´and maybe simple xD. But i dont get the part after this, i do this by hand. With the id that you found with the template, you can search here "" . and you know which texture on which slot. Btw this template have to run on the original non ported file and i need the "copy paste" part one more time more than in the video at 1:19.