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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCDNjUz3_MCPXY-UwfFdXpA Here you go. Watch these videos to get a general grasp on map editing! ^^
  2. I've been watching this thread of a while now, and I think i'm finally able to comment. As much as it sucks, you are the one who released it to the public and should expect people to use it in some form. Policing everyone's usage of your content is asinine. They aren't in open competition with you, as your server is French, and theirs is English.
  3. Sadly, it got stolen without permission by some RPH people and they are protected by their admin, Always take care people ! EDIT: Yes i'm posting or else they will soon claim that this is their work Good work & very cool stuff. Sorry for RPH =/
  4. May I add that the loading screens are actually separate art pieces that are just based on the images you took ingame. The advice I could offer you is to probably seek out an artist for 40$ ish, or perhaps just play around with filters until you get the desired effect you're looking for via photoshop.
  5. Looks good, however i'd add more rubble and various "trash" around the undead zone. They are supposed to basically inhabit a wreckage.
  6. Does anybody know why this could happen when I add in Goblins and high elves?
  7. Still looking! Basically looking to hire someone for this task!
  8. Hello, I am seeking someone to help me add Goblins and High Elves into my server. I have the models and ui art ready- just don't know how to put it all together. I hope one of you can reach out to me and help me out a little. My skype is: Vladthecommie I will include a tip if you help me get it working!
  9. I'm curious why you would work on updated legion animations on old 335 models instead of the legion playermodels? Other than that- good job!
  10. http://imgur.com/a/zwdAG Been working on a Outland RP server