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  1. This is an abomination, and this comes from someone with an anime project
  2. Cool! Good work!
  3. Vlad


    Uhhhhhh... im not sure seaweed floats above the water... lol Also, coral has to be fully submerged
  4. Thank you! We've all worked really hard on this project. We got some really talented folks
  5. Shinobi Story is a 3D Free MMORPG where you play as a character in the Ninja world! Choose your village and rise up the ninja ranks, even up to the Kage! We are a player driven game where the community makes decisions for the game world. Gather your allies, fight your enemies, master powerful jutsu, protect your village, or turn your back on it entirely Full credits to Jimmus (Sr. Dev.), Godsk (Dev.), Danny (Dev.), Lizzard I guess, Vlad
  6. Show your support & keep updated by following our social media! A work-in-progress for my project, Shinobi Story! Shinobi Story is a Roleplay / PvP /Sandbox RPG in which you can make your own shinobi & truly customize them to whatever you want! We have a lot of exciting features- ranking up through the ninja system, learning powerful jutsu, being able to rise to a position of leadership among your fellow players, betray your village to chase power, explore our large world, and even permanently kill other players, to name a few things!
  7. This is very cool - nice work!
  8. Cool, good to see that community progressing. Hope you guys keep drama out.
  9. There goes Max's business of charging people for Bfa models :kappa: We need to remove his forums developer role too @Skarn @Balkron .. We don't want to confuse people
  10. Also hiring someone with decent knowledge on lua scripting/spell creation. This position is freelance, please DM me for inquiries and information.
  11. That will never happen on these forums