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  1. Second uv is broken 100% Blending is broken too. You reduced amount of faces? Cause it feels like there were another line of edges in the middle or something and by deleting it u lost a 0 value of blending.
  2. nice to see someone still using obj2adt and my template and also wanna mention that this lifehack with using wmo as props holder is interesting. But I will recommend to test it on a little bit larger map.
  3. If the server says that you already know that spell - then you probably are. The thing is that your client have no possibility to show it
  4. that's why I wrote earlier that those gameobjects are spawned serverside
  5. as I know collision couldn't be animated
  6. those gameobjects spawned serverside
  7. not just the tabard textures but also all chest textures
  8. Alifeur and Meta are working together? Sweet! And it seems that you're decided to add some more indoor space in this "forge". I like this idea.
  9. Nah, Blizz version of Kul'Tiras is lame. It looks like kultirans demote all their fleet to build those "houses". And the color palette of their buildings has a lot of similarities with goblin building from kezan. I've expected to see something that looks more like Gilneas instead. But we get a mix of Kezan and Booty Bay that blizzard decided to call Kul'Tiras, the island nation of "humans". On topic I can say only one thing: I can't see any profit in porting newer maps to old engine without all those new abilities they have in newer expansion, but if this kind of work makes you happy then I'll wait for ingame video with your results.