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  1. I am not entirely certain but I think is because default: // Transmogrify { if (!sender && !action) { OnGossipHello(player, creature); return true; }  } break; maybe I m wrong
  2. The problem is that you send only 1 menu you need to send 2 like AddGossipItemFor(player, GOSSIP_ICON_MONEY_BAG, "|TInterface/ICONS/Ability_Spy:30:30:-18:0|tBack..", 3, 0); AddGossipItemFor(player,GOSSIP_ICON_MONEY_BAG,"<==Back", 4,0); SendGossipMenuFor(player, 800002, creature->GetGUID()); I hope you understand what I m saying
  3. to use you need administrator acc with all permissions i use adminstrator acc from safe mode he have all permissions i m sorry for my english
  4. the game stop without crash
  5. for me page open empty when i try to download v3
  6. thank you very much for the tool i m sorry but my english is not very good the wmo crash the client WORLD\WMO\AZEROTH\BUILDINGS\HORDE_GOBLIN\HORDE_GOBLIN_ONEROOM_02_CLOSED.WMO WORLD\WMO\AZEROTH\BUILDINGS\HORDE_GOBLIN\HORDE_GOBLIN_ONEROOM_02.WMO WORLD\WMO\AZEROTH\BUILDINGS\HORDE_GOBLIN\HORDE_GOBLIN_POOL.WMO world\wmo\draenor\draenei\6dr_draenei_staircurved_r.wmo