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  1. So I seem to be having this issue where spell models that I convert over to WotLK from BFA Alpha show up with textures that have been desaturated. I figured this was maybe a renderflag issue or something, but I can't check the render flags. It seems that none of the converters are converting them properly. Not my old converter from years ago, not any new ones either. Not sure what's causing it, but if anyone has any insight as to how to fix this issue perhaps in 010 editor, feel free to share.
  2. Some of us don't really specialize in all that coding stuff. To me, that might as well be written in spanish. I checked out the links, but I didn't really know what that information meant. Someone in the discord actually kind of explained it to me, and so I have a bit of an understanding now, but even still that video isn't increddibly useful for someone like me who doesn't code. I appreciate the link though.
  3. A few months old, but has there been any update on the scene about this TXID shit? Really a shame not being able to downport those nice 8ne_ night elf buildings. I noticed that the wow.tools site had the models working in 3D, so somebody has got to have some clue about how to read these TXID references.
  4. I'll give all those a shot. Really appreciate the shares fellas.
  5. Mine has got to be at least half a decade old or more, and it converts pngs into BLPs at a lower quality. Surely, someone has a better one by now, and I can't seem to find any listed anywhere in the tools or downloads.
  6. Yeah it wasn't set to that. But good lookin out.
  7. I'm starting to think that perhaps the engine knows to extend the view distance on specifically the big maps like Kalimdor, EK, and Northrend. That would explain the problem.
  8. Alas, there is so far no fix. It's not the light dbcs, I'm not sure what controls it. There has got to be some reason that view distance is greater in Kalimdor than a custom map.
  9. Thank you for that info! I didn't know that Kalimdor used a skybox other than default in the outer reaches. I'll give that a look, and the dbcs that follow it. Btw, fog distance isn't he issue, it's render distance of terrain. I know that terrain rendering cap is just part of the engine, but I also know for a fact that Kalimdor has higher rendering distance than custom maps by default, so something is controlling that value, and I figured maybe it was the skybox. I'll look into it with this new info.
  10. I've noticed that on maps like Kalimdor in areas where the skybox is simply the hardcoded default one, the visibility distance of terrain specifically seems to be far greater than on a custom map also using the default hardcoded skybox. Anyone know a reason for this?
  11. I'm not seeing any automatic transitioning, and I've only just downloaded the newest version a few days ago. Are you sure? Also, if it is supposed to be automatic, am I to assume that it also automatically adds fatigue at a certain depth? And if so, what is that depth?
  12. I don't quite understand what the opacity option is supposed to do. It doesn't appear to do anything. I was hoping that it would allow you to make transitions from shallow water to deep ocean water look smooth and seamless, but it doesn't appear to make any change to the opacity at all. I've looked around a bit, I can't seem to find any tutorials that address its use, or any other threads asking this question. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what it is. Any thoughts?
  13. You know of any tutorials out there for doing this?
  14. Like I said, did you check the core? As in... for any scripts linked to that spell. There is also all the spell tables located in the TC database. You have to assign a script to a spell manually by entering in a new row to spell_scripts. All the other spell tables could also contain additional data that isn't in the dbc file.
  15. It's most likely an eye glow model located in SpellVisualKitModelAttach.dbc Or it could be a script that enables glowing eyes (but I doubt it). Have you checked the core scripts?