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  1. Who met with something? Need help. Ive see strange shadows not everytime, only by different angles.
  2. Hey How to add music in custom wmo (what dbc or etc I need to use?) For example, how to add tavern music to converted draenor inn wmo?
  3. So, how to disable autoattack? I mean spell... If I "unlearn" it. It still work on mouse click.
  4. I told about legion client.
  5. There is some problem in this beautiful converter. When you convert wmo's from Cata client will crash after you become to this wmo ingame. Only crash without error log. (Cata for example, because mb with Pandaria wmo same thing happening, Ive tested it only on Cata wmo's - Wildhammer one)
  6. If you will find it, put it here. Or mb Adspartan will make a new version of converter soon.
  7. Not only high mountain trees. It's almost all legion trees.
  8. Amaizing, incredible and nothing else to add *_*
  9. Sad situation. But it's right, that you post it here. Modmakers should know cockhead gyus.
  10. I couldn't understand your problem. You have no animation on cloak or what? mb you can send screenshot?
  11. Hey guys! In August I will come back again. So lets discuss theme which makes me sad. Why we don't modding on WoD? (Better hitextures, better graphic, better UI etc)
  12. Or legion, doesn't metter. We don't have to many tools like on 3.3.5 and serverside is so different on legion it's too many db2's and sql's
  13. And also... there is no tools for WoD modding.
  14. Yep, every new expansion is boring. There is no existing like in the past. But graphic opportunity better. (Only one reason for me, to move on new expansion)
  15. So... For now, WoD modding include: - Mapping - Interface modding - Serverside modding - Retro-Porting from legion. But idk about launcher, is it real for WoD. And serverside is so different from 3.3.5a. (Idk how can I port all my DB from 3.3.5 to WoD server) I actually not good in serverside modding
  16. I hope it's enough far
  17. @Thoraric it means, that you can edit interface on 6.2.4 like on 3.3.5a. It's amazing, mb sometimes I will move to 6.2.4. But now I have some problem, it's really different db.
  18. Hm... You mean something like this? (Selected big cave WMO)
  19. I don't have this bug now. After I rebuilt maps, vmaps and mmaps. But when I will have this problem, I will put a little video here.
  20. New TC is really bad. So, I will trying to find
  21. I have same (not similar) but same trouble on 14 So, everything okay on 14 win64, thx)