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  1. This version of noggit crashes constantly when importing objects (all of them, not just converted ones) from WMV.
  2. The particles may be due to WotLK's engine limitations. A lot of weapons/items/mounts don't have properly working particles.
  3. Is it the default Tauren model or the HD version? Are you using custom items? Have you double checked DBCs and server database? Extract everything from your MPQ, make a new one and slowly re-add everything until you get a crash again. This'll pinpoint the problem.
  4. I solved it by creating another feet geoset and merging it with the leggings. If there's another way then someone please let me know.
  5. I'm downporting a Worgen WoD model to WotLK and merged the feet geoset with the chest/hands/head geosets. It works, but when I put on a robe black lines appear at the feet. I'm new to modeling so I'm not sure what the problem is. I think it has something to do with the UV textures? Some help would be appreciated (I intend to release these models once they're done)
  6. 4 of the SQLs have errors. Creature_Model_Pet and Creature_Template_Pet give a duplicate error. World_Creature_Display_Info and World_Mount_Creature_Template have an extra column (InhabitType) Many of the items also have an invalid quality.
  7. Very nice! I especially love the new hyenas. Will you be uploading them for everyone to use when you finish?
  8. Thank you. This is another error I get trying to import ported .wmos from WoD. They work in WMV/Noggit and in-game, and I was able to import them in Blender 2.77
  9. Hello, I followed the tutorial but it gives an error when trying to import .wmo's
  10. Hey Amaroth, I made some retextures of the roof but one texture displays as green. The filepath and file location are correct (keep_roof4) Do you know what's wrong?
  11. Where can I find an up to date Legion client besides downloading it straight from Blizzard?
  12. Many of the SW models have white boxes and crash noggit when trying to place them.
  13. I haven't checked, but have you added icons from Legion? I also found another texture bug, this time with fires (specifically in the Goldshire Inn) What kind of help are you looking for btw?
  14. Any reason for why this is happening? Occurs with Patch-H.