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  1. Yes, my mod is a char/creature enhancement mod, as Finsternis mod. So, other compatible mods that you can use along side with mine are Finsternis Tileset mod and also dark nights mod.
  2. You will need an mpq editor to edit my file and just navigate to sound folder and delete the music folder.
  3. Just delete the Music folder. Its located inside the Sound folder.
  4. You will need an mpq editor and then navigate to spells folder and delete every M2 file that starts with Hellfire, Immolate,Rainoffire and I believe you will be OK. Unfortunately I cant find in my notes the spells and I suspect that I forgot to write down the changes.
  5. Fair simple, got to 1st page of the comments and you will find a guide on how to locate the download link.
  6. Yes, I dont have installed and didnt want to start downloading 40Gb+ only for a folder. If the folder isnt big enough someone could extract it and upload it to a free space and provide a link. If not then I'll have to go through the process waiting the retail download again in order to have access to that folder.
  7. Also did that too, I mean I went to tomruss github and got latest version from there, just in case, and Bloeward's latest list file also from Github but again same issue. Not sure whats going on to be honest. Going to give it a try again but I believe it will fail again. Edit: Also WMV in order to work it requires the game to be installed in order to read and get what it needs to lad correct the model. Its not stand alone afaik, correct me if wrong here.
  8. I'm adding a screenshot of the error below:
  9. Well I did try that but after a while it shows an error window. I actually run the program and choose File>Open Online Storage> WoW PTR or WoW Retail. Both options didnt work after a while. Any other ideas ?
  10. Hello people, I would like to ask if it is possible someone provide a download link with an early version of the [Item] folder of BfA since I haven't an installed version of retail game at the moment available. Thanks in advance.
  11. Simply rename it to something like patch-7 and you'll be good.
  12. No unfortunately. I keep a backup only when I'm making the updates to the newer version. When new one is done and works fine I delete the old. No need to keep it since all files are included plus the new additions.
  13. Unfortunately no. The character models was made by Balsh. As he stated too he wasn't exactly sure why the shithing animations was bugged on some model's, as I have stated on the early stages of my patch long before I release the beta. So the process will require one to edit the character models from scratch and test if he can mske it work since that isn't clear exactly. This process requires a lot of time which I'm limited as I guess Balsh too. I don't believe that is so bad and that will affect much your game experience.
  14. That requires a full edit of the new maghar model, plus testing it, with vanilla client. Unfortunately don't have free time anymore due to RL stuff.
  15. Harpies model is acting normal, means that the normal animation is walk/stand instead of flying. I didnt mess around much with their animations since I thought that was Ok, same for the wyverns, so no much of an issue.