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  1. As the title says and the description about this file its for 1.12 clients. Cheers!
  2. Nice work there, hope you can manage to finalized it and have a full state of this. Keep it up.
  3. So, here we are with the last version of the mod. Two years has passed since I started to mod this game version and I can say that I enjoy it very much as I enjoy seen and play the classic game version with the updated models. This version now includes some of the latest models that released with Battle of Azeroth thought due to recent changes that Blizz made to the models system they made it almost impossible to convert them to classic or downport them since they glitch beyond fix. I would like to thank everyone that helped and assist during the mod creation and progress as also testing it before any release was made. New Additions : For sake of simplicity and after many requests now Balsh Character models are merged with my mod. New world models added Replaced Class Icons in character creation screen with a better and detailed versions Replaced party icons when in not in range to reflect the new modern icons New loading screens added from Battle of Azeroth New character screen race icons from Legion New models added from Battle of Azeroth and Cata Replaced some class weapons models and World drop weapons from Legion, WoD, WotLK (Warrior, Priest, Rogue, Druid, Shaman, Hunter, Warlock) Replaced some weapons models for[Quest:The Argent Hold] from Legion Replaced Shaman Stormstrike spell icon with the one from the current game version http://www.wowhead.com/spell=78144/stormstrike. Replace Warlock's Fire spells and icons with Cataclysm Fel version of the spell's Replaced "Knight's Colors Tabard" and "Stone Guard's Herald Tabard" from Legion Elemental models are returned to their default models state
  4. New changes are here. Thanks to Drood182 and Leeviathan from Modcraft by creating those awesome mods. Leeviathan for the High Elves and the Chinese version for the Undead models but as also the fix for tabarbs and fine tuning general the WoD character models and Drood182 for creating new skins for the tiger model. So now i have update Balsh mod to be compatible with the High Elves model as also with the general extra fixes. New Additions : Abominations model update Ghouls model update New Skybox for Stratholme (Orgirmmar Raid skybox used for that) Paladin's Charger model update Warlock's DreadSteed model update Treasure Chest model update Fixed Druids Gift of the Wild spell icon Reworked skins for the Tiger model (by Drood182) Balsh Character models reworked including: Tabarbs, removed doubled polygons, undead features reworked plus higher-res bone textures (by Leeviathan) * New Undead Character model - Chinese Version (by Leeviathan) BARE in mind, all 3 mods, the creatures, Balsh Char mod and Leeviathan Chinese version can work together. DONT USE my version of Balsh link from here if you want only the character models. Use the STAND ALONE VERSION from Modcraft. Also i'll advice don't change the order of the patches, is been tested to work that way, unless you are aware of what you doing. * Completely reworked character models for Balsh's WoD Character Models 1.12.1 models, use in tandem with Balsh's mod. Fixes include: corrected tabard UV mapping for all, removed doubled polygons (mainly doubled belt meshes, this fixes transparency on things like ghost form), undead features reworked + higher-res bone textures + some miscellaneous corrected textures, rogue vertex tamed on tauren male, some corrected textures for tauren females, tons of hair UV fixes and un-decimated dwarf beards.
  5. I made a major optimization on the patch by removing models that was bugged, like alpha test models, some unnecessary textures and things wasn't need to be there anymore. So now patch is more easier to get since its capacity reduced drastically but remain same. Also i changed and distinguished the PvP mounts to have a different look from the normal ones since aren't obtained easily. New additions: New Login screen, New Loading screens and loading bar, New Character Icons on character creation screen, 60% Raptor Mounts are updated to the new model, Deathcharger's Reins is updated to the new model, Horn of the Frostwold Howler is updated to the new model, PvP Mounts are now distinguished from the standard mount. Under WiP: Armors / Weapons mod -> 80% Completed
  6. Hello all, I'm Uthil and for the past month i've been working this project when accidentally found PhantomXization tutorial about down porting WoD models to WotLK and i start to dig how you could do it for a classic client, and then i found Koward's aka Spik96 tool. So i start to experiment and final i found my self deep inside modding again. Yes i was modding way back and i was mostly modding FPS games like BF2 and mostly COD:Uo. Tho upon starting modding/editing WoW saw that was a whole different thing from the FPS modding that i knew. Anyway dont want to go far away, my original topic is in the other forum tho it seems now kinda empty so after a bit of consideration i decide to move my topic here, since it seemed more active than the other forum and i hope to find some help by learning more or correcting my mistakes or even people that doing it even as a hobby like me or professionally. So here is what i have done already:
  7. Hello people, I would like to ask if it is possible someone provide a download link with an early version of the [Item] folder of BfA since I haven't an installed version of retail game at the moment available. Thanks in advance.
  8. Yes, I dont have installed and didnt want to start downloading 40Gb+ only for a folder. If the folder isnt big enough someone could extract it and upload it to a free space and provide a link. If not then I'll have to go through the process waiting the retail download again in order to have access to that folder.
  9. Also did that too, I mean I went to tomruss github and got latest version from there, just in case, and Bloeward's latest list file also from Github but again same issue. Not sure whats going on to be honest. Going to give it a try again but I believe it will fail again. Edit: Also WMV in order to work it requires the game to be installed in order to read and get what it needs to lad correct the model. Its not stand alone afaik, correct me if wrong here.
  10. I'm adding a screenshot of the error below:
  11. Well I did try that but after a while it shows an error window. I actually run the program and choose File>Open Online Storage> WoW PTR or WoW Retail. Both options didnt work after a while. Any other ideas ?
  12. That requires a full edit of the new maghar model, plus testing it, with vanilla client. Unfortunately don't have free time anymore due to RL stuff.
  13. Yeah I'm aware of that, though didnt have time to start experimenting with it. Thanks .
  14. Well for the Undead UI that's another resolution that you could follow. Now, for Spirit healers never had issues before, dont know why you have such issue but anyway you choose the alternative solution. Have fun.
  15. Unfortunately don't know why those beams appear on newer cards honestly, for my end which has an old VGA (Ati HD6770) it works like charm with no issues. For the 1st picture I cant understand exactly what you trying to show me there, but if you refer to the Orc Boss then I can only say that it might be something wrong server side, on my side it was presented normally. For the second picture I don't see an issue, the crab model was working normally since BETA version of the mod, and for the 3rd I can say that something has to do with the positioning of the helmet models for the new character models from WoD, which was made by Balsh. I believe that isn't so visually bad, just remember that we tried and did our best in order to make those models coop/work with the vanilla game version, referring to Balsh, Me and Leeviathan.
  16. Hey thanks, for reporting those. For those beams I have already give an option that might work for you, check on project comments what video options you need to enable. Now for this texture, in order to fix this you will need to edit and rename and will work. In order, to do that you will need an MPQ editor, edit the mod file and navigate to Creature\Hyena folder and rename the HyenaSkinOarange.blp to HyenaSkinOarnge.blp and then exit the file. Launch the game and it will be ok.
  17. Absolutely marvelous scenery mate. Wonderful view. Keep it up.
  18. Well issue was solved, was archive issue. I repack it and worked fine. Thanks for assisting lads.
  19. So, I'm working on my mod last patch, which is almost ready, and for some weird reason client crash when I'm trying to pick a tauren character from login screen. Issue appears randomly and not so often. Anyone can give me a clue what might be the issue here in order to resolve it? Patch file capacity at the moment is 1.11Gb when the previous one was 560Mb. Not sure if game crashes due to memory issues, 4Gb patched exe file, or cause something else is causing it. Any help is appreciated. Below the errors:
  20. Ok, but cant get it, Glue/Frame xml is it point maybe to Taurens UI or the WoW.exe mess with it? I downport the new UI versions from WoD. All was working ok with the exception of Tauren which has two small glitches in there. The fire that lights the small street lamp isnt scaled correct and its like burning outside the lamp and the small windmill, lets call it, on the left side of the character screen which has rotation kinda messed up. Thanks by the way for the info wungasaurus. P.s: Is it possible the MPQ to create such issue?
  21. Also in case that anyone wants to have a look below the error file and the exe file. DUMP&Error.zip
  22. To cover both, it is the HD version of the models, I dont use custom items and DBC's, client side only, are checked. Im going to extract them and create a new mpq. Last time that I had a similar effect it was from the MPQ, even files was showing normally for some reason when I created a fresh one issue disappear. Thanks for this info. I'll test and see.
  23. No time to work again char models from the beginning unfortuntately.
  24. Ok, where I can delete those references. Can you be more detailed in that please. Thanks for this info by the way.
  25. Well I havent evert removed the 8 bytes from the .anim files but the issue appeared first time in Legion 7.2 patch, were the changes appear. Wungasaurus Im not going to try much, since Im downporting to vanilla not sure if all things will work as intended on LK version, plus we dont have much info about vanilla models as we do on WotLK. Now, since weapon is in good position in hands but appear weird in char back well it is as it is, no worries. In the end I might delete the weapon replacement tho thanks for the info.