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  1. Skettis


    I wish I still had the files myself, but this project was roughly started in 2014. Funnily enough, I quit because of the texture shift bug that is now fixed in the current version of noggit. Three years too late, alas.
  2. Skettis

    Sehker-Aanru (Old Project)

    Formerly for the project Concert of Empires, I figured I'd upload these here for the hell of it. Maybe somebody will get inspired to do more desert themed stuff, would love to see it. I never finished the city itself, but I completed a small district of it that turned out to be a great proof of concept. It's also the first time I used custom lighting on objects and it turned out quite well.
  3. Didn't know about that part, never encountered this or had anyone inform me of it for my edits. I've had others approach me about this same issue and my post is my general response, but good to know more about it either way.
  4. Hey. This has been something in noggit for years, I don't know the technical reason for it but it is harmless and something you can ignore. The shadows do not appear ingame and it only appears to occur for anything Blizzard put in. For custom areas, you shouldn't see these at all.
  5. I'm just getting back into modding for WoW and I admit I prefer these content resources rather than porting stuff myself, just to save time. Greatly appreciate this and support the idea of keeping it open and accessible. If I find any issues I'll report back in.