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  1. Sup, MC. Been a while since I was into any modding and right now I'm trying to import some custom helm items using Blender and M2MODredux, however I've run into some error that I can't seem to fix; As you can see below some of the vertices go wild and just stretch all over the place. Even though all vertices are weighted to the same bone, no problemos in the blender pose mode either. Did I miss some new info regarding Legion? (This is Legion 7.1.0 client)
  2. Hey, MC. Been a while since I was into any kind of modding, and nowadays it seems I can't do the simplest things anymore. I'm trying to downport a 7.3.5 / 8.0.1 model to 7.1 to no avail. What is required to downport to Legion?
  3. If that was the case then why did Tigurius even make a MDX > M2 model for Wrath of the Lich King? Makes no sense.
  4. The WoW Alpha used an updated version of .MDX models, hence why the DBCs refers to them as MDX and not M2.
  5. MDX is the model format used in Warcraft 3, which has a very similiar structure to M2 models which is the model format that WoW uses. MDX models cannot be used in WoW, therefor must be converted. The perk of using MDXTOM2 for custom models rather than Blender is that with MDXTOM2 you can make your own animations.
  6. Are you sure? I know they got a colder retexture for Northrend but they didn't increase the polycount or the texture size in WOTLK. Edit: Oh yeah, they updated them in Legion. I remember now.
  7. What model should I attempt to improve after the Trogg? (It has to be a model that has not been updated since vanilla and is a frequent enemy). The ones in my mind right now are; Quilboar, Centaur, Kobold or Gnoll.
  8. This is a CMD tool only, there is no UI. If you try to start it, it is ment to crash. To work with it you either: Drop your .MDX/.MDL file on the program Open your CMD Prompt in the folder and commandline the program to run your model.
  9. Correct :). Did some more work on the texturing, pretty happy with the result so far. Beard, hair, eyebrows and eyes next. Edit: Got some more texturing tweaks done during the evening, the eyes I simply stole from a Blizzard Model aswell as the beard texture. Will probably rework the beard though.
  10. Slowly getting back into Modding and 3D, gonna try to remake some of Blizzard's really old models. WIP of the one I'm currently working on, let's see if you can guess which creature it is.
  11. Anyone got a solution to this? I both get doubles and the uv-maps go nuts. (Only the uv-maps on the new stuff I added, not Blizzard original.)
  12. working on a new creature, and practice at texturing cause i suck pretty hard at itit was inspired by the "Mummy Zombie" card in Hearthstone summoned by Arch-Thief Rafaam, but since it made no sense for me with "zombies" I went with the idea that ethereals can be corrupted to this state if they're exposed to too much void energy hopefully in the long term practice will make perfect