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  1. How do I use this? How can I spawn stuff? I dont understand it ^^"
  2. It was the "Map to Big Alpha" Button under "Assist" D: If that is helpful.
  3. And here I am again. I came across my next problem ToT Alphamapping! I accidentley , or better say experimental clicked on the button and waited for a change in noggit.... buuuuuuut nothing happened! So I thought thats it! There is not going to happen anything, at least if I dont add any alphamaps! So I saved and build for hours and enterd the game and I found my textures with a fashionable zebra-stripe look. Yeah... no I cant keep it like this! Is there any possibility to get rid of alphamapping or this effect? I mean alphamapping is neat an all but I hink its not very useful in a town it self and it was stupid in general to click on it. So my question is: how can I get rid of the Big Alpha map or whateve it is called. Thanks for help.... (again)
  4. Thanks ToT The block is finally gone and because I dont want to have the same struggle again I decided to make a Anti-Block copy of my adt In case one appears, I just excahnge the adt by my copy! Its easier to go a few steps back than to look for the fault for hours.
  5. I think I might have figured out what caused the problem. I used the adt structer script and it, if I analyzed it corretly , tells me that there is an object 0 taht is represented by just a dot and not a path. But I havent figrured out yet how to remove it without crashing the whole adt. If I just remove it, al the data shifts and noggit cant load the adt anymore ToT I really never worked with hex e.g. Its pretty nervwrecking after hours of try and error.
  6. I have never done anything with hex. How can i Figure out wether something is invalid or not? Edit: None of the items in the list is an invalid one and I really dont understand any of the hexa code. I experimented alot and for the code to still work You only can exchange words of same length. Otherwise the adt is broken. Its possible to make objects invisible by exchanging their written path (e.g. world/wmo/azeroth/stormwind/zClassic/cathedral.wmo) with dots. The object will be exchanged BUT! InGame it will be exchange by a cube! Its possibly somewhere in the code but not as a text but as numbers and letters? i dont understand it D: It took hours to build the map and I really dont want to start new because of the stupid cube!
  7. When I tested my map, I noticed an object without texture/model chilling around in the air. Im pretty sure I havent placed it there What could have caused this and more important: How to remove it? Its not showing in noggit and I havent found a way to select and remove it via GM commands.
  8. I have another question. Is their any MPQ-Patch available that containes not only WoD Character models but Houses, Trees, Flowers, stones e.g.? I tried to make my own patch but even with a tutorial I couldnt do it properly and ofcourse it does not work. Is their any link? I would love to get a hint because I havent found anything browsing the web.
  9. I use 6.2.4 and as I said I already visited a server with custom buildings with patch 6.2.4 I will try adding the content in the client folder. Hopefully it works D: Edit: Okay I figured it out. You just have to copy the folders from MPQ in your Clients folder. Thats it That worked perfectly.
  10. I hope Im at the right place... recently I started creating maps again, not for WoTLK but for WoD, using a simple method upgrading maps to WoD. Visiting the map works fine but I have a huge problem! Most of the buildings are part of patches and wont show in WoD because I cant add the MPQ patches to WoD as it no longer works with MPQs but CASC! Any Idea how I can solve the problem? There are no CASC patches so I really dont know how to solve this problem. Im looking for an understandable answer since days because I Know that it IS possible! I visited other forums but I couldn't regiester their due to a bug at their registration page so Im looking for an answer her. Custom content looks like this, while everything else is perfectly fine:
  11. I just cant figure out how to install this! I added it into my data folder but I cant find any of the files in my modelviewer! I can open the mpq and everything but noneof this shows up in my modelviewer and of course I cant import anything into noggit (because it does not show up) Okay now It worka ^^ i didnt know that I would have to import it into my because it wasnt explained anywhere