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  1. Alright, Thanks alot! Gonna test things and hopefully not run into more crap ><
  2. Ohh you mean just put the path of each one of them in the correct order? am confused af
  3. Hello there everyone, coming here again with some probably super simple problem but too bad am challenged so her it goes, I was doing a mass downport of creatures from bfa to wotlk and everything seems to be going well, every m2 read its own hardcoded texture with no problem, except only one. idk the full name of it but its processed as "allianceshipmount" . Ive got all 10 textures that he needs and he still stays white, just refuses to read them (they are in the right spot,triple checked + dowloaded them from multiple sources so they arent corupted)
  4. Hey, double checked everything ive got all the blp's needed but the armor on some of the m2's still stays white