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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is the root file of the Legion in version 7.1.5. I wanted to make a patch for the game objects, but I do not have time now, so I leave it here so you guys can do whatever you want. If someone makes a patch for gameobjects please let me know;). Later I will update it to 7.2
  2. Everything works fine, just a problem. I tried to convert the map of Gilneas, but 3 WMOs generate crash in the game without Log. By testing I have discovered that the WMO are the prison, the cathedral and the mansion. I will not know how to solve it. Does anyone else have the same problem? This is a great tool !
  3. When the error occurs it does not generate any Log. That is the reason why I can not determine what happens. I can not determine if it is a WMO or M2 which generates the error. With the tool I have converted the map without any object in it. (No WMO, not M2, only terrain) and the error does not occur. You can move freely. That makes me suspect that there is some object involved in the matter. But I do not know if there is any way to know exactly which one. Thanks for the help.
  4. Greetings community. I have tried for some time to convert the map of Gilneas to WOTLK using the PTNG_ADT_DownConverterBeta tool. It has worked perfectly with the map of Stormwind of Legion but with Gilneas happens a strange error. Everything seems to be fine, but whenever I look in a particular direction wherever I find myself on the map, an unexpected error occurs. The problem is that it leaves no record of what happened. I tried to travel all over the map pointing the camera to the ground and the error never happened. It does not happen if I am inside a WMO. I've converted the map from legion. Do you know what the problem might be? If necessary, I can upload the ADTs. Thank you
  5. Hi, MC. I have a problem with my custom races. When I edit the common language in SkillRaceClassInfo.dbc and SkillLineAbility.dbc. stops working languages in all races. Even if I were to manually place the default parameters in the DBC. They not work again. Maybe something has changed in the DBC? I used WDBX and Mydbc, always I have the same result. The process is simple: In SkillLineAbility.dbc, I seek the skill 590, then active all races. (590,98,668,65535,0,,, 1,0,0x2,0,0). In SkillRaceClassInfo.dbc, I seek the skill 98, then active all races. (40,98,65535,1535,0x80,0x0,0,0x0,) What am I doing wrong?
  6. Is there any way to convert ItemDisplayInfo.DBC to SQL? I need the tool to massively add items to my server. Do one to one would take me like a thousand years ... Thank you for reading. I upload the DBC file. ItemDisplayInfo.dbc
  7. Has anyone managed to extract vault of the warden ? I can not find it anywhere. I only need that.
  8. Do not worry, when you have time just come by here and see what we can do. This will surely help a lot in the future to others who try to get their hands on WOD. Thanks for the code, I'll look when I get home.
  9. Done. Added to skype. We may have to take a look at the code of noggit for answers. But if they succeed, then we should do so. I'm willing to try, maybe this will motivate others to work more on WOD.
  10. Sorry for the double post I was thinking. Perhaps this problem can not be solved now, but if I could move data from the "ADT" woltk maybe I could at least "fix" things up a bit. So I ask the veterans in this: Is it possible to transfer data from M2, WMO (positions in the world), holes and height of the map to another ADT (the same adt. Example: WOLTK 31_49 to 31_49 WOD) in WOD? This obviously should be done in 010 editor. I do not have much experience with it, but if possible (although currently do not know how. greatly appreciate it if someone teaches me) at least would facilitate edit classic maps in small portions (in my case, just 2 adt). Thank you for reading
  11. So for the moment there is no method to make this possible. What a pity. It was modifying some classic maps for roleplay server. I keep trying, but I guess no one else is investigating this. What is the theory behind this conversion of which you speak?
  12. greetings MCNET Currently I have a problem with a flag of the WDT and I'm not sure how to fix it. I have managed to turn a modified map of WOLTK and make it work successfully in WOD (Thanks to Ghaster and PhilipTheNoobModder) but I've found a new problem (which I expected). The problem: I managed to change 2 ADT Elwynn Forest and modify successfully. The problem is that, if activated in the WDT flag "0x4 _env shader" the ADT brought from WOLTK immediately make crash. If the flag is not activated, the other "ADT" begin to have strange textures and cube-shaped or even cause crash Here some pictures: The modification made: The error: I've been reading and found a post that has to do with small and big data being read in the ADT. Is there any way to activate env shader in the ADT converts? Sorry for my English and thanks.