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  1. Up to 17 listed servers and almost 100 member count!
  2. There is a modding channel to discuss modding.
  3. It's not a modding discord. It's for every private server. Trying to bring everyone together.
  4. Discord https://discord.gg/ppQJPBs ~~Features~~ Will be moderated! Modders chat! All servers gathered in one spot! Every server joined will be listed! No server bashing! Anyone can join! An owners only chat to talk to other owners! ~~Getting listed~~ The Owner must join this discord and speak with an Administrator. The Administrator will create a rank for the Owner. The Administrator will list the server and it's info. We only ask that you pin our discord link in your discord. Nothing else. ~~Misc~~ Some things are still being worked on. Already have servers joined up. (Current: 9) This is a project to gather everyone together, to build a great community. Think of this discord as a new forum or a guild for every server.