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  1. Very cool, thanks for sharing!
  2. Hi All, I run several other communities on Invision Power Board already, and have used the software for years so it was natural for me to help out Skarn. Most of you already know me from running the WoWDev Discord. As time permits I will update the board software, fix some of the bugs, and most likely update the theme as well. (Mainly because, updating the board software will require re-doing the theme).
  3. @Desmond Oh, if that's all it is then sure i don't mind doing that. Since ill probably try new features you add anyways.
  4. I liked the direction Neo was going but it was abandoned before it could be fully used/useful like Noggit. Hopefully you guys can at least get it to a more usable state! You didn't really specify what you would need for "video editing", is it for tutorials? Or what. I can do it depending on what your wanting, but i would want to know more first.. English is my first language. I have Sony Vegas Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  5. Good news, i opened a feature request about it and he is willing to take a look at it since he was going to try to work on the water anyways! Hooray. https://bitbucket.org/berndloerwald/noggit3/issues/46/feature-request-river-spline-tool
  6. Begs @Adspartan for a magical river spline tool.
  7. Wow, it was because i didn't add .m2 to the end of the file name in column 2, ill def remember that from now on.. that was the only thing keeping it from working. The item icon showed up in-game as well after i added the .m2 the end. I also remade the patches and what not just in case... Now i just need to work on positioning.. i thought i did it right but even though i leaned it "forward" in his hand in blender... its backwards in game? Is this something to do with the export in my off-set options?? @Смердокрыл @Amaroth
  8. I am not sure, if there is supposed to be a mount point attachment it never covers it in that tutorial, i just assumed you had to scale and line it up on the grid with a human model and then the game would always place it a certain way since its a weapon. Paging @Amaroth
  9. Hi, it seems that even the checkered cube does not show up in-game.. Which is odd considering it loads in model viewer. Just to be sure i re-uploaded my dbc files to the server in the dbc folder.. deleted my client cache and re-added the item but still nothing. I have attached my whole patch to the post. And the individual DBC's are in the above post if needed, but they are also in the patch file. patch-8.mpq
  10. Yasuno

    Model Help

    Hi, so i was following the guide posted in the topic over here on modcraft. And for the most part i got all the first steps figured out (i think anyways) but when i added my DBC's and created the item in the database to equip it in game it doesn't show anything. I can hit things with and invisible melee stave, but it doesn't show the model. However, as you can see in the screenshot below.. WoW Model Viewer DOES show it just fine. So i am not sure where i might have messed up at... I imported this from skyrim.. by using nifskope and putting it through blender per that tutorial i linked above. Edit: I attached my DBC Files.. the ID for it is 98000 should be at the bottom of both. Item.dbc ItemDisplayInfo.dbc
    Wow this repository is very useful, thank you so much. I look forward to the other binaries and files you will be adding!