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  1. Hello,

    Yeah, you'll say "extract maps, extract vmaps..." I already did it, let me explain :

    I have two maps, one is a "dungeon" map and the other is the "public" map, they are exactly the same maps, same ADTs, same WDT, same maps, same vmaps...

    But, on the public maps everything is okay, I don't have any problem but on the instanced one, a npc start a waypoint path after giving a quest and he pass through the floor. Only on the instanced one, everything is okay on the public one.

    Have you any idea about this issue ? I don't really know what to do actually :/

  2. Hi guys (and girls)

    I wanted to use my free time to write new tutorials, here is what I'm planning, if you have some suggestions, feel free to answer after me :)

    I'm not a pro, don't ask for hard tutorials ! Don't ask for mapping tutorials too, I'm the worst mapper in the known world !

    • How to create new Titles (EN/FR)
    • How to create new Extra faces (EN(?)/FR)
    • How to create a custom job (EN/FR)

    It's a short list yeah, but it's kinda cool imo ^^


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  3. You know, if Wingausaurus is able to update a listile, you can do the same ! I mean, MMO-Champion is releasing a lot of images and those imgs contain the EXACT name of what is showed on it, it means you can open a .txt, and add you path by yourself instead of waiting an other guy does it for you.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Kaev said:


    Just playing a bit with Noggit.. Can anyone guess what i try to achieve? :3


    You're loading creatures on the map and you'll add a tool which can add waypoints directly in noggit :P ?

  5. That's why you're a good dev, some people should think you're crazy.

    I can give you an example (Stormheim again)

    They don't share or release, they don't help, their admins are ddosing the last standing french wow community because they were banned because of their behaviors.

    Those guys want to beat Firestorm, they don't care about helping others, that's why we don't appreciate them, I agree with you, imo nothing is better than a thank you and some questions about your last release, making people happy is a great reward, better than money :)

  6. It's always the same debate open source vs closed source.


    The problem is closed source is working better. How can I say that ? Look at Neo, WoW Editorn, a lot of others softwares, everybody left them, I'm kinda sure you can't do that when you work on a closed repository, because you're motivated by the idea of non sharing :/

  7. 2 hours ago, Kaev said:

    It's your opinion and i accept that, but i really can't understand it. What would be the problem when other people would use them? The amount of custom servers is extremely low and every new one will just push the modding community forwards. Every guy who will join the modding community could be the creator a bugfree map editor or whatever tool you could also need and can't do yourself.

    I'm looking for a good custom server for years now (i'm not even exaggerating) and never found one. There are so many screenshots and videos of cool projects out there, but the servers will never go live (or die after like a week), because it's a huge load of work which can be quite depressing if Noggit deletes 3 hours of work because you saved twice for example. With every useful tool the chance will get higher to finally see a good server online someday.

    And if you think that other custom servers will steal your players: Competition is good for business. The more players are interested in playing custom servers, the more players will join. Examples: "A: Hey B, let's play on Rangorns Custom Server! B: Yeah, why not! Looks great!", "This is a custom server with 100+ players? This has to be a good one, let's check it out"

    And if all players really go to a different custom server: You did something horribly wrong (e.g. not listening to your community, no game content), but this hasn't anything to do with some tools you released or not. They would have left anyway sooner or later.

    Actually the real problem comes from french communities, Rangorn comes from here, so do I, a lot of people...

    I won't defend him but you have to know french servers are shitty af because :

    1) We don't share anymore, the reason is "blah blah I want exclusivity, I want to be the first blah blah", "I don't want to be stealed by John Doe/Jane Doe", some servers (Hi Stormheim if you see me) are developping their own server and what will happen if they fail ? Nothing, they will keep their sources instead of giving a better workbase for Legion. That's why I applause some servers like Sunwell. They close, they release their sources, Nostalrius same, they releasead everything as a sandbox (it's not fantastic but it's still a great gift)

    2) People are lazy, actually people are crying for a good repack instead of compiling a core, and after they yell on us because we refuse to help them for a simple reason : they choose the easiest way, they have to deal with. 

    At least, this selfish mentality is implanted in every french brain since people said "I won't share anymore, you don't deserve my work", I'm in WoW Emulation for... 8 years now, when I came in, people were nice, helping, and they shared everything (when I say everything, I thought about a full sex shop in Ironforge, a gossip whore system etc...), but after 4 years and 3 new "better" communities I saw nobody was able to help because of lazy teenagers without any skills.

    I don't share any file or program except ones I don't really care (like humans HD models, soon Gnomes etc...), it's a huge load of work but with Meta we agree about one thing : It's not the best asset of our project, so, well we can give it to you. Same thing for my tutorials, I share it not because nobody know how to do thing X or Y but one day one guy can need it and I don't want this guy loses his time searching in a dusty dead forum, I post my tutorials because I'm proud to show you I can do something and modding and it remains me nobody knows everything. Even the smallest tutorial in the world is useful :)

    I don't care if you think WoD is better than TLK, I won't use WoD because this client has a lot of useless things for my project and I'll lose so much time if I have to disable every useless little thing.

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  8. Guys, if you are good with C# you can revive some repositerory/ies ;)

    I think about this one https://bitbucket.org/LeorFinacre/world-editor

    World Editor is an old project but it works, you can edit

    • Loading tips
    • Reserved Names
    • Achivements
    • Factions/Reputations
    • Points of interest
    • Talents
    • Jobs
    • Titles
    • Gems

    Instead of dev new ones, why people cannot complete this one ? and debug some issues :D ! (This program is basically written in french, I can help to translate it into English if someone wants to make a multi language program)


    I remember an other thing, but it doesn't exist anymore : a guy modified Wow Model Viewer, when he creates a new npc display, he saves it as a custom format, this format was creating blp + a sql/txt/whatever line you can add directly in your DBCs and in your Database, it was very useful !

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  9. Just now, Adspartan said:

    You now me... I just used the old one.


      Hide contents

    It's just a start/proof of concept, I'll continue it later when I'll have time.



    Look's like a really good work, I knew it !

    Every breath you take... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  10. 2 hours ago, Adspartan said:

    Ever since I've seen this weapon I wanted to add light to it ^^



    Did you used the old light adder without any GUI or are you... creating a better tool with GUI and 3D view  ?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  11. 16 hours ago, bfx said:

    Hey Hyakkimaru, did you do the DBC edits by converting to CSV & back?(This is for the 3D belt visual)

    Reason I ask is, when I ran the converter on one of the SpellVisual files (I can't recall which one exactly) to CSV and back for testing purposes, it caused a bunch of spell visuals to appear as blue & white boxes. An Example is Nitro Boosts from the engineering enchant.


    I didn't, I prefer use MyDBCEditor, I don't like converting Spell.dbc ^^

    Send me your files if you want, I can take a look on it, maybe it's corrupted but in General when it shows a box it means your model is missing ;)

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  12. I learned how to add 3D belt buckle in TLK, it was... hard but now I'll be able to do it every day on npcs and/or players :D


    Oh and I added missing haircuts (on tlk too) to my Gnomes, poor guys, three hairstyles were missing ! (Maybe a Gnomish release soon ?)


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