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  1. @Supora I work with Allifeur since many years
  2. Hello there, I think I'm back in modding since I have some time now. I'm working on an "update" for the Goldshire smith. (I still have some issue with lights, it's too bright, and fix some textures and faces)
  3. Met@

    Goldshire Smith "HD"

    A little update for the old model.
  4. I use this process since you posted it on Modcraft, very useful thank you.
  5. Not really into modding this year because of school, but I just got a 3D printer so I make warcraft things. The first prints are not that bad.
  6. I'll try to find free time to write a guide for this
  7. Hi, as I can see you have some issues with HotS models and m2i. I don't have much time for modding this year, but I'll try to help. First, when you use M2mod, you have to take an existing model from the game to use its bones and armature as base to put your own model on it. When you export you model from 3DSmax, choose FBX and not OBJ, so you will keep the weight paint, bones and animation from the HotS model. For exemple with Johanna, you have to open your m2I first, import the FBX of her, rename the vertex groups of her weight paint with the name of the bones from wow model, link and merge the Johanna's geometry to it, delete the original geometry of the wow model you don't want to keep, and export to m2i. You have to keep the same "structure" from the original wow model, if you delete bones or something like this, it will break it. To have texture on the model, look at it with Hex editor, you can modifiy the texture path if it's hardcoded and has enough letters, if not just change the flag to CreatureSkin (11) and make the skin in DBCs. If the model is invisible, try to use converter. Sometimes the model's version makes it invisible if it's from WoD/Legion for exemple. PS: sorry I forgot to mention in my tutorial that FBX exportation was better than OBJ.
  8. I finally finished my painting (well, 99%) I can be back to modding \o/
  9. Not WoW, I'm working for a friend ( feels good when you are allowed to draw on walls )
  10. Met@

    R.I.P. Zim4ik

    Thanks, I've not thought about spam bots.
  11. Met@

    R.I.P. Zim4ik

    Rename the extension in *.rar instead of *zip, it's what I did and it worked after that.
  12. Met@

    R.I.P. Zim4ik

    Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that the file needs 7zip to be extracted, only 7zip.
  13. Met@

    R.I.P. Zim4ik

    Hello people I don't really know how to announce this because it's not an usual situation, so I'll do it simple. Days ago, I was contacted by Zim4ik's brother, he told me that Zim was dead. He did it only now because he accidentally opened his email with mails from Modcraft few days ago and I was the last guy who talked with him. So, here's the messages. Zim4ik's brother: I asked if I should tell this to the community too, and what happened. It's very sad to die in this kind of circumstances. So, as he asked, I continue to discuss on his own email. I told him he can send us his work so it will not be done in vain because he worked for this community. I'm not in the same country as him, so it's not easy to find the time to use teamviewer, I'm not a pro too and I don't know which file can be useful for the community if it's not models (Trinitycore, sql, etc...). So he uploaded the files. The files are hosted on Mega, but he forgot to give me the key to decrypt the link. So, that's it. You can download the pack too, it contains his work on retro-porting HD races to 3.3.5 (the m2i are for older M2mod release, but you can convert his modified m2's with newer version). There's also a patch with custom races like Tuskarrs, Taunkas, etc...) and DBCs to make it work. You are free to continue his work if you want.!VQZWSLhL Key : !rThTc2gf21r55mWoto9WwTgJdaQtDS2N-qXNfV_fFP0 Edit: you can extract the file only with 7zip, not winrar or default windows extraction. You can contact his brother if you want to tell him something about that, I don't think he'll be angry. y********* [Email Address Remove to Prevent Spam] (Send me a message if you want it to contact him) Gnomically, Meta.
  14. Hello, it's me again with a new issue in M2modRedux. I converted a model to m2i and tried to convert it back to m2, but it doesn't work, even without any modification. Tried with multiple versions of the model and M2mod, I always have the same error for each version. Here's my error: Gnomicaly, Meta.
  15. @UltraNic : I add the bones and animations from the human model to the Uther model so I have to edit geometry. Humans have closed eyelids and eye-balls ,Uther has open eyelids and flat geometry, no eye-balls.