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  1. simply but nice fix, works also on vanilla
  2. this is command line tool, not drag and drop use. Just enter cmd, change path to locatoin where jm2converer is placed, and type: java -jar jm2converer.jar -in <model_name_to_be_converted.m2> -out <output_model_name.m2> -cl, after that your output model will be in vanilla version, so you can open it in mdlvis and save to mdx.
  3. Here is my job for classic wow: " Lordaeron Highlands " small unused zone above EPL and WPL. Still lot of work ahead
  4. Stan84

    Lathar'Lazal - wondrous new temple to Elune

    "The queen herself oversaw the building of a wondrous new temple to Elune, a sprawling expanse of gem-encrusted bridges and effervescent lakes at the western edge of Kalimdor. Upon its completion, she named the mesmerizing ground Lathar'Lazal, or "Seat of the Sky." World of Warcraft: Chronicle My interpretation of Lathar'Lazal, expansion patch for my RP vanilla realm. New home for all those Highborne who escaped from Dire Maul, 60 lvl questing zone.