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  1. Skarn has helped me on a couple things in the past. Exporting heightmaps as well as generating minimaps for my project. Would recommend.
  2. Thank you Alastor I'll keep that in mind in case no one comes forth between then and now.
  3. I'm embarking on a project that will require some modifications to existing instances and the addition of new ones and I'm looking for an experienced WMO and M2 modder to help realise some of my ideas. Simple examples being adding an additional room to onyxias lair with appropriate lighting, collision, effects, liquids etc. In the case of modifying existing models you'll be given detailed descriptions of what needs adjusting alongside things like maps to use as reference for layouts. For completely custom content you would be provided reference materials such as photoshopped maps, concept art, other model samples etc. I appreciate that some of these things could me minor from simple texture swaps to very elaborate with custom dungeons so the rate would have to adjust on a job by job basis. I'm quite happy to pay a fair hourly rate for this work. Please feel free to reach out to me here or on Discord at Ktotes#2737 with examples of past work and your approximate rate.
  4. Do you also offer custom / edited WMO's?
    Looks amazing! I'm assuming we have permission to use in our own servers?