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  1. I'm nearly done with my 3.3.5a WoD character models mod. It's good
  2. If you're retroporting to BC/CL and your model has animation looping issues: Go into the .M2 (LK version) in 010 Editor and find the "struct Bones" section then change any KeyBoneID above 26 to -1 and re-try porting the model to BC/CL. This worked for me
  3. Wait would this fix the issue where BfA models work in WotLK but their animations won't loop in BC/CL? If so that's exactly the issue I'm having as well, but I'm not sure what exactly "remove all key bone references < 26" means...also not all BfA models with more-than 26 keybone references have this animation issue. EDIT: Thanks to Ghaster for clarifying for me. The solution for fixing non-looping animations is to set all KeyBoneID references over 26 to -1 in the "struct Bones" section of the .M2
  4. I recently released my WoD Character Models for 2.4.3 (see here: http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=13815.0 ) and everything is working except this strange new issue with the game stuttering/freezing every time a patched-in character model is loaded. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the WoD character models in particular, but rather changing ANY character model; I've tested ports from vanilla, wotlk, etc. Even switching .M2s from the very same client all cause the same issue; for example: just renaming DraeneiFemale.m2 to BloodElfMale.m2 and placing it in the Character/BloodElf/Male/ directory causes the same hiccup to occur when the client loads BloodElfMale.m2 In fact, changing even 1-bit of superficial information in the hex code of any patched-in character .M2 file will cause the issue; for example: in 010 editor changing the model name from "DraeneiFemale" to "DraeneiFemalf" does it, so does just changing the the client version from a "7" to "4". Does anyone have any insight on this issue? Could this be some kind of anti-cheat thing? It happens on every server I've tested on. Help wanted, thanks! UPDATE: Of course I'd figure out a solution 10 minutes after posting after weeks and weeks of struggling to find a solution. The solution, or hacky work-around, was to change the location of the character models from "Character\..." to "Creature\..." and update the CreatureModelData.DBC file to reflect this.
  5. I think it's because the Vanilla client always shows unknown geosets whereas the TBC client always hides unknown geosets (in this case the belt geoset is unknown 1801) Anyway I ported the WoD characters to TBC - http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=13815 - There's still an issue with the swap-weapon emotes for some models, plus there's this new really annoying issue where the game stutters every time it loads a patched-in character model (EDIT: fixed this issue).