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  1. I'd love a mod manager, something that can take a list of MPQ patches and merge their DBC edits. For me, merging DBC files is no problem, but for the average user it's not possible without requesting it from the mod creator. If I could include a mod manager with my mods it would cut out a lot of questions and requests that I get regarding mod compatibility.
  2. I'm trying to use M2Modder and have no idea if I'm compiling it correctly (I'm not a programmer). In any case, it doesn't seem to work for editing bones, which is what I'm trying to use it for. Right now I'm testing it with the wotlk Bear.m2 model; it seems to be able to edit textures okay, but not bones (entering 'b' for bones crashes the program)
  3. I'm nearly done with my 3.3.5a WoD character models mod. It's good
  4. If you're retroporting to BC/CL and your model has animation looping issues: Go into the .M2 (LK version) in 010 Editor and find the "struct Bones" section then change any KeyBoneID above 26 to -1 and re-try porting the model to BC/CL. This worked for me
  5. Wait would this fix the issue where BfA models work in WotLK but their animations won't loop in BC/CL? If so that's exactly the issue I'm having as well, but I'm not sure what exactly "remove all key bone references < 26" means...also not all BfA models with more-than 26 keybone references have this animation issue. EDIT: Thanks to Ghaster for clarifying for me. The solution for fixing non-looping animations is to set all KeyBoneID references over 26 to -1 in the "struct Bones" section of the .M2
  6. I think it's because the Vanilla client always shows unknown geosets whereas the TBC client always hides unknown geosets (in this case the belt geoset is unknown 1801) Anyway I ported the WoD characters to TBC - http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=13815 - There's still an issue with the swap-weapon emotes for some models, plus there's this new really annoying issue where the game stutters every time it loads a patched-in character model (EDIT: fixed this issue).