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  1. You don't need the full client, just open online mode with CASCExplorer
  2. I am pretty sure you take them from BFA and then use the multiconverter. It isn't like lower expacs use a different format. Go to the github page linked at the MultiConverter and download the latest release.
  3. Clearly you haven't downloaded the correct one.
  4. There is literally a window with keybindings.
  5. Pretty sure it's like 15GB unneeded files since I am seeing here that they added all files from Cata to BFA
  6. He said till, not to. Meaning from which expansions he converted from
  7. It seems that the code Tom uses is outdated. (Deprecated code)
  8. Update CASCHost to 830 or find a supported version for 830.
  9. I hope you fall of a roof and fall on feathers.
  10. By either fixing it manually (reading the wiki) or by using the MultiConverter posted in the Discord.
  11. Exactly lol, not gonna spoonfeed if there is already stuff out there. Fix your maps, that is the issue lol