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  1. Hi there I am wanna say first that I am very sorry if I happen to post in the wrong section but to my eyes this seem like the right way. I have currently tried a few editing thru out wow history. XVI32 . First model program I ever used. Now adays I want to change the new model of Undead Male HD back to SD model. I have now seen a lot of guides how to use Blender as this seemed to me like the method to do this. But yet so many questions remain. Can Anyone help me in this case? I do really only wish to see the old Undead Male character back in the game so that I can enjoy wow like I used to. If anyone happen to lay in with the file or so to say information I would very much appreciate your assistance. Have a great day. :-) OBS: We r talking live client Legion 7.3 I do not like the new character models.